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Openwork selects Solent as specialist mortgage packaging partner

Mortgage Solutions | 29 Jun 2015 | 12:56

Openwork has agreed a long-term specialist packaging deal with Solent Mortgage Services (SMS), which has committed to ‘significant investment’ in the network.


NI broker The Mortgage Shop joins Stonebridge

Mortgage Solutions | 26 Jun 2015 | 11:12

Independent broker firm The Mortgage Shop, one of the largest intermediaries in Northern Ireland, has signed up to become a member of the Stonebridge network.

Part-time brokers should not pay extra network fees say brokers

Mortgage Solutions | 25 Jun 2015 | 16:20

Brokers who work part-time or carry out a lower than average amount of business should not be subject to higher network fees, according to a broker majority.

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Analysis: It's crunch time for networks

Martin Davis, the Openwork chief executive who will take over as CEO at Cofunds in the summer, explains why he believes the FSA was right to highlight network weaknesses...

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Video exclusive: More education needed on guarantor mortgages, says Alexander Hall

Mortgage Solutions | 24 Jun 2015 | screening image

For their lower rates for those with a 5% deposit, consumers need to be better schooled on the advantages of guarantor mortgages, said Richard Merrett, technical director at London-based mortgage broker Alexander Hall.


Have additional requirements for self-employed income evidence slowed down the application process?

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