The British New Homes Mortgage Senate aims to drive the new-build agenda at all levels from Government to the consumer. Launched in 2014, this event brings together an elite group of the leading and most influential developers, lenders and specialist new-build broker firms, in a meaningful debate to encourage greater consensus and positive action to drive the future activity of this increasingly important sector of the market.

The Senate will be held on Wednesday 14th October 2015. The British New Homes Senate programme will reflect the evolving challenges in the UK new-build market and aims to come up with solutions.

Details of the programme will be released later in the year, but the areas covered will include:

  • The new-build landscape: how does it look now and how will it look in five year’s time?
  • Help-to-buy – what happens when the government scheme is withdrawn?
  • A major lender shares their experience of entering the new-build sector
  • Debate:This house believes that mortgage lenders should treat new-build property and second hand home with parity
  • Panel debate: improving customer outcomes

It will also provide for the delegates opportunities to question and challenge all key stakeholders at sessions throughout the day.

Attendance of the Senate will be restricted to personally invited delegates, with developers, broker firms and lenders represented at the most senior level to take part in this industry-shaping event.


The British New Homes Mortgage Senate 2014 Photos

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