The British Specialist Lending Awards 2018 in tweets – #BSLA2018

The British Specialist Lending Awards 2018 in tweets – #BSLA2018


Its the biggest night of the specialist lending market and here’s what you’ve all been waiting for, the story of the night told in tweet form, including some of the finest entries in the best selfie competition, sponsored by Aldermore.




All set for the @specialistsols #BSLA2018 in London – proud to have been nominated and looking forward to a great evening with the @BrightstarHUB family

— William Lloyd (@walloyd) May 16, 2018


One of us is on their way to #BSLA2018, the other is due a nap. Can you guess?

— Alex Hammond (@alexhammond) May 16, 2018


The cream of the crop. Specialist lending at its finest. British Specialist Lending Awards #bsla2018

— iain cartlidge (@iaincartlidge) May 16, 2018


Good luck to all of the finalists at tonight's #BSLA2018 awards ceremony in London. We're excited to see the results of the Selfie of the Night competition!

— Aldermore Bank (@AldermoreBank) May 16, 2018


You're not coming in to #BSLA2018 unless your name is on the list!

— pauld_clever (@pauld_clever) May 16, 2018




Creative issues at Vogue result in worlds worst photo.

— Buster Tolfree (@BusterTolfree) May 16, 2018


#BSLA2018 homies @MarkRookyard @MatthewArena

— James Briggs (@Briggsy_01) May 16, 2018


Selfie with Vic from @AToMmortgages – my table buddy! A Brightstar / AToM selfie #BSLA2018

— Amy Welton (@amymayw) May 16, 2018



Two of the #trailerwalker18 Second Chargers Team, but clearly not training this evening! @BusterTolfree @paulstringer17 @FluentMoney @NortonBroker @Mortgage_Brain @mortgagesols #BSLA2018

— Jonathan White (@JonathanWhite2) May 16, 2018


@salwright101 struggling with the selfie equipment. #BSLA2018 @VidaHomeloans

— Lea Karasavvas (@Mortgage_Mind) May 16, 2018


Enjoying a #fandango at #BSLA2018 #table9!

— Caroline Hoti (@CarolineHoti) May 16, 2018


#BSLA2018 @salwright101 @MortgagesforBus

— Sally Wright (@salwright101) May 16, 2018


Trying to work out who is balding the quickest on our #BSLA2018 table. Great times as always!

— James Adkin (@James_Adkin) May 16, 2018


Great night so far #bsla2018 @GWlegal @eddiegoldsmith

— Emma Hall (@emmamariahall) May 16, 2018


Awesome atmosphere at #BSLA2018

— Christopher Moyse (@thisiscjmoyse) May 16, 2018


#BSLA2018 enjoying the evening on table 28 with @PagPressTeam

— Richard Saunders (@rgasaunders) May 16, 2018


It’s all about the bubbles (and stealing the waiters hats…) – loving #BSLA2018

— Danielle Dennis (@DanielleDennis9) May 16, 2018


Listening to @MarkRookyard ‘s jokes is like pulling teeth with @njannels @Paulybrett @DaleJannels at the #BSLA2018 event

— James Adkin (@James_Adkin) May 16, 2018


The evening is in full swing! Wishing David the best of luck #BSLA2018 #LoveSurveying

— Pinnacle Surveyors (@PinnacleSurvey) May 16, 2018


The Broker team at ZEBRA MORTGAGE CENTRE… enjoying a great night at #BSLA2018

— Zebra Mortgages (@zebramortgages) May 16, 2018


Perfect pouts #BSLA2018

— Liz Syms (@liz_syms) May 16, 2018


#BSLA2018 @AldermoreBank @specialistsols #petrified

— Paul Hunt (@ilikefjords42) May 16, 2018


We won! #BSLA2018 #lovesurveying

— Pinnacle Surveyors (@PinnacleSurvey) May 16, 2018


Our chairman was honoured to receive the Specialist Contribution award at tonight’s #bsla2018 awards! #atom #legend #originalAToM #packagers

— AToM (@AToMmortgages) May 16, 2018


Thank you to @specialistsols for a fantastic night at the British Specialist Lending Awards yesterday and another big well done to our Director of Marketing @idgiles for winning the Marketeer Award. Congratulations to all of the winners! #BSLA2018

— Vida team (@VidaHomeloans) May 17, 2018


Here they are … our 4 awards back at HQ! #BSLA2018

— Brightstar Financial (@BrightstarHUB) May 17, 2018


Absolutely shocked and humbled! Thank you so much to @specialistsols, everyone who voted and the judges. So proud of what we have achieved over the last couple of years #Interbay #onesavings #chuffed #BSLA2018

— Darrell Walker (@walker_d10) May 17, 2018


All the winners of the British Specialist Lending Awards 2018 –

— specialistsols (@specialistsols) May 16, 2018