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MMR set to boost protection sales

Mortgage Solutions | 09 Apr 2014

The arrival of the Mortgage Market Review (MMR) will cause a boost in the number of borrowers taking out protection, aggregator firm LifeQuote has predicted.


Unfair for brokers to blame ‘slowlicitors’ - Broker Conveyancing

I've never really been interested in playing ‘the blame game' when it comes to determining who might be responsible for delays in the property purchasing process.

Mortgage Solutions | 08 Apr 2014

Paradigm releases latest adviser MMR update

Paradigm Mortgage Services has launched its latest Mortgage Market Review (MMR) update for advisory firms.

Mortgage Solutions | 08 Apr 2014

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computer security

Compliance still advisers’ biggest concern

Adviser firms are more concerned about their compliance capabilities than any other aspects of their business, research from Intelliflo has shown.

Mortgage Solutions | 07 Apr 2014

FCA warns adviser firms to be clearer on charges

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has warned adviser firms are not being clear enough to customers about the services they offer and the fees they charge.

Mortgage Solutions | 07 Apr 2014

Westfield releases adviser toolkit

Westfield Health has unveiled an intermediary toolkit designed to help advisers generate more income through selling health cover.

Mortgage Solutions | 04 Apr 2014

PruProtect launches business protection risk calculator

PruProtect has launched a business protection risk calculator as it believes this insurance is becoming a 'core area' for advisers.

Mortgage Solutions | 04 Apr 2014

Who really influences your mortgage clients? – BDRC

Many markets are driven by social influence – the way we feel, think and act is strongly influenced by what other people say and do.

Mortgage Solutions | 01 Apr 2014

Ask the Experts: How can I lure clients away from comparison sites?

Our Ask the Experts column is your chance to put industry figures on the spot. In this edition Mark Hutchings, sales and marketing director at Berkeley Alexander, answers your question.

Mortgage Solutions | 31 Mar 2014

Adviser fees down 19% after fee block realignment

Financial advisory businesses will contribute £68m to the Financial Conduct Authority's funding requirement for 2014-2015, a near-19% reduction on last year following a re-working of the regulator's fee blocks.

Mortgage Solutions | 31 Mar 2014

Mortgage Business Expo returns to City of London

The Mortgage Business Expo (MBE) is to return to the City of London for its 2014 event.

Mortgage Solutions | 28 Mar 2014

Face-to-face remains best for brokers - Toni Smith

As a network, preparing for the MMR has demonstrated how key the role of a network is in educating brokers and communicating in the right way.

Mortgage Solutions | 27 Mar 2014

Two-thirds of brokers ‘considering’ switch to DA

Almost two-thirds of mortgage brokers say they are ‘considering’ moving from being an appointed representative to directly authorised.

Mortgage Solutions | 27 Mar 2014

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