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Broker Toolbox: The opportunity in rental market insurance

Mortgage Solutions | 03 Mar 2015 key

If predictions are to be believed, the buy-to-let market is set to enjoy another buoyant year as the UK private rental sector continues to grow exponentially.


'Clear blue water' between GMAC and Foundation, says CEO

Clear blue waters lie between Paratus AMC, the parent company of Foundation Home Loans, and its former trading name GMAC RFC but its legacy gives the new lending brand the edge, says CEO Hans Geberbauer.

Mortgage Solutions | 25 Feb 2015
The Bank of England

The impact of a Bank Base Rate cut on mortgage pricing - Marketwatch

As inflation falls further away from the Bank of England's 2% target, tumbling to 0.3% in January, the suggestion of a cut to the long-standing 0.5% Bank Base Rate (BBR) position was mooted by Mark Carney.

Mortgage Solutions | 19 Feb 2015

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Ignore the FCA's clear desk policy at your peril - Whitehouse

Following a year which has seen the Financial Conduct Authority implement the MMR, the biggest mortgage market shake up in 10 years, as well as taking over the reins of the consumer credit market, one might be forgiven for thinking the regulator has taken its eye of the ball when it comes to its other guidelines.

Mortgage Solutions | 12 Feb 2015

Broker Toolbox: Stick to the facts in a GI sale

In this week's Broker Toolbox, Jason Berry, director of sales at Uinsure, says rely on statistics to give your client pitch confidence and validity.

Mortgage Solutions | 09 Feb 2015

Personal Touch teams up with sourcing system MortgageSource

Personal Touch Financial Services has selected MortgageSource from Twenty7Tec Group as an integrated product sourcing system which will be provided to members as a network benefit.

Mortgage Solutions | 28 Jan 2015

Broker Toolbox: How to raise capital on buy to let properties

The buy- to let market is continuing to grow and, as it does, it creates fresh opportunities for intermediaries as landlords seek to expand their portfolios.

Mortgage Solutions | 16 Dec 2014

Broker Toolbox: What not to do in online sales pitches

Screen sharing with a client is time-efficient, convenient and helps clients greatly in understanding mortgage options. But it's important to execute these meetings in a professional manner, says Mark Zondler, director at Mikogo.

Mortgage Solutions | 10 Nov 2014

Start preparing your business for the EU directive - TMA

With the EU mortgage credit directive now on the horizon, TMA marketing manager Lauren Bagley looks at the compliance options available for directly authorised brokers.

Mortgage Solutions | 06 Oct 2014

Three magic minutes: how to seal a sale

As competition from price comparison websites continues to grow Source Insurance managing director Kevin Paterson looks at the key stats behind insurance sales.

Mortgage Solutions | 29 Sep 2014

Video blog: What does your brand mean to customers?

A vast majority of UK intermediaries will have a trading name rather than necessarily a consumer brand, as that takes a significant level of investment and resource over a great many years to build.

Mortgage Solutions | 18 Sep 2014 | screening image

How to network (properly)

Compare the following two headlines: ‘Financial adviser gains new client through Twitter', and ‘Financial adviser gains new client through local accountancy connection'.

Mortgage Solutions | 09 Sep 2014

Broker Toolbox: How to make teachers a specialist subject

More than 30,000 Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) have graduated this summer.

Mortgage Solutions | 02 Sep 2014

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