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Industry must keep calm and carry on through MMR - BSA

Mortgage Solutions | 24 Apr 2014

Easter marks the start of the home buying year. Whilst last year we spent Easter shivering under a dusting of snow, this year there are both literal and metaphorical green shoots.


Common sense needed to prevent MMR slowdown - BSA

We are now less than a month away from the launch of the new mortgage market regulatory regime.

Mortgage Solutions | 27 Mar 2014

Budget 2014: what the industry had to say

Chancellor George Osborne delivered his fourth Budget statement earlier today. Mortgage Solutions rounds-up commentary from key figures across the industry.

Mortgage Solutions | 19 Mar 2014

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FCA challenges lenders over arrears and forbearance

The FCA has challenged lenders to improve their arrears and forbearance management following a thematic review which found several counts of bad practice at firms.

Mortgage Solutions | 25 Feb 2014

Response to flooded houses must not be short-term – BSA

Records for rainfall continue to be broken, storms have been upgraded to tempests and there is no doubt that a large number of individuals, businesses and whole communities are having a very rough time.

Mortgage Solutions | 18 Feb 2014

Time to grow the self-build mortgage market - BSA

On Monday I attended a breakfast meeting where shadow housing minister Emma Reynolds MP was making her first keynote speech to a housing audience.

Mortgage Solutions | 16 Jan 2014
house price

Mutuals mortgage lending doubles in 2013 while arrears fall

Mutuals and building societies have doubled their net mortgage lending over the last year, figures from the Building Societies Association (BSA) show.

Mortgage Solutions | 06 Jan 2014

EU Mortgage Directive risks confusing consumers - Marketwatch

After years of negotiations, the European Parliament has quietly passed the EU Mortgage Credit Directive today. This means firms will soon be following the same rules as mortgage professionals across the European Union.

Mortgage Solutions | 11 Dec 2013

FLS axe will not cause immediate rate rises - experts

The withdrawal of the Funding for Lending Scheme (FLS) is unlikely to cause immediate spikes in mortgage rates, experts have stated.

Mortgage Solutions | 04 Dec 2013

The end of FLS for mortgage lenders - what now? - BSA

Much has been made of the announcement of the withdrawal of the Bank of England's Funding for Lending Scheme (FLS) in relation to mortgage lending at the end of November and the Bank's latest Financial Stability Report detailing the macro-prudential tools that it has in its kit, but what is to be the likely impact?

Mortgage Solutions | 03 Dec 2013

BoE's 'blunt' tools risk curbing first-time buyer lending - BSA

The Building Societies Association has warned regulatory interventions in lender strategy could undo the “good work” done by mutuals supporting the first-time buyer sector.

Mortgage Solutions | 29 Nov 2013
Row of houses and parked cars

Help to Buy 2: rocket fuel for the market? - Marketwatch

Help to Buy 2 is off to a flying start. More than 2,000 applications made under the mortgage guarantee scheme in the first month have been agreed in principle, and interest shows no sign of flagging.

Mortgage Solutions | 20 Nov 2013

FSCS chief backs 'fair' risk-weighted levies

The chief executive of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) is "sympathetic"to calculating the scheme's levy based on the risk posed by specific businesses.

Mortgage Solutions | 15 Nov 2013

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