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Northern Rock, outsourcing and stress testing - The Mortgage Solutions Quiz

Mortgage Solutions | 25 Jul 2014

Here's our news quiz to test your knowledge of the week's most thought-provoking, quirkiest and downright bizarre moments on Mortgage Solutions.


The Mortgage Works to offer rent guarantee to new customers

The Mortgage Works (TMW) has announced plans to offer a six month rent guarantee period to new buy-to-let customers.

Mortgage Solutions | 24 Jul 2014

Paragon reports 95% increase in buy-to-let lending

Paragon Mortgages has reported a 95% year-on-year increase in buy-to-let advances from the period between October 2013 and June this year.

Mortgage Solutions | 24 Jul 2014

Other Buy-to-let articles

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Where will the next wave of product innovation emerge? Marketwatch

As the summer heat wave takes over the UK we competition in the specialist mortgage market is warming up too with lenders offering product sales and bringing new options to the table.

Mortgage Solutions | 23 Jul 2014
View of the London Eye

London rental yields lag behind rest of UK

The London buy-to-let market is providing landlords with the lowest rental yield out of all the regions in the UK, research from BM Solutions has revealed.

Mortgage Solutions | 23 Jul 2014

Skipton withdraws buy-to-let trackers and cuts rates

Skipton Building Society has withdrawn its buy-to-let tracker products while cutting rates across its residential and buy-to-let range.

Mortgage Solutions | 23 Jul 2014

Bridging demand won’t be swayed by base rate rise - Complete FS

The Chancellor’s decision to radically alter the way in which pension lump sums can be taken has been given a generally favourable welcome.

Mortgage Solutions | 22 Jul 2014

Commercial Trust launches buy-to-let sourcing tool

Buy-to-let master broker Commercial Trust has launched a sourcing tool which will allow intermediaries to search over 500 mortgage products.

Mortgage Solutions | 21 Jul 2014

Accord launches 10-day buy-to-let sale

Accord has launched a 10-day sale on selected buy-to-let products in its range.

Mortgage Solutions | 16 Jul 2014

Buy-to-let profitability remains strong

Buy-to-let landlords continue to enjoy strong profitability thanks to rising property prices, figures from The Model Works have shown.

Mortgage Solutions | 16 Jul 2014

Lenders implement summer criteria shake-up - Ying Tan’s Market Monitor

It’s been an interesting month in the buy-to-let sector with a host of lenders making quite significant criteria changes.

Mortgage Solutions | 15 Jul 2014

Price lag on new build calls value into question - LCP

With £1.2bn of new-build sales so far this year, the 20% price premium paid for new properties calls the longer-term value of new homes into question, said an asset manager.

Mortgage Solutions | 15 Jul 2014

Lender completes first P2P buy-to-let deal

Peer-to-peer lender Landbay has successfully completed its first buy-to-let remortgage on a property based in the south of England.

Mortgage Solutions | 09 Jul 2014

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