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MMR - where are we as we approach D-Day?

Mortgage Solutions | 15 Apr 2014

There are just a few weeks until MMR officially comes into force on 26 April.

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Chart-topping complaints, Tim Vincent and loss leading mortgage books - The Mortgage Solutions Quiz

Here's our news quiz to test your knowledge of the week's most thought-provoking, quirkiest and downright bizarre moments on Mortgage Solutions.

Mortgage Solutions | 11 Apr 2014

#theforum2014: Brokers warned to beware of next 'toxic advice' scandal

Brokers were warned to make sure they do not become the fall guys of a pension transfer scandal waiting to happen by advising customers to invest in buy-to-let.

Mortgage Solutions | 11 Apr 2014

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Star Letter Extra 11/04/14

Each Friday, Mortgage Solutions takes a look back at the best reader comments on the website and letters to the editor.

Mortgage Solutions | 11 Apr 2014

A look back at this week's most read stories

Each Friday, Mortgage Solutions rounds up the most popular articles on the website over the past week.

Mortgage Solutions | 11 Apr 2014

The Buy To Let Market Forum 2014 in pictures

Mortgage Solutions' Buy To Let Market Forum took place in Birmingham, Manchester and London this week.

Mortgage Solutions | 11 Apr 2014

Half of brokers say lenders more vigilant on BTL fraud

Almost half of brokers surveyed said lenders have increased their defences against fraud in the last year, the Mortgage Solutions People's Poll has revealed.

Mortgage Solutions | 11 Apr 2014

Santander launches five-year buy-to-let fix exclusive to brokers

Santander for Intermediaries has launched a five-year fixed rate at 4.34% up to 75% loan-to-value for buy-to-let customers exclusively for brokers.

Mortgage Solutions | 11 Apr 2014

Buy-to-let lending soars 46% year-on-year - CML

Gross buy-to-let lending rose by 46% to £1.9bn as 14,300 loans were advanced to landlords in February, figures from the Council of Mortgage Lenders has shown.

Mortgage Solutions | 10 Apr 2014

#theforum2014: FCA accused of over-zealous approach to buy-to-let 'gaming'

The Financial Conduct Authority has been accused of being over-zealous in its pursuit of consumers who take out buy-to-let mortgages to purchase a home.

Mortgage Solutions | 10 Apr 2014

#theforum2014: Broker mortgage market share could hit 65% by year-end - Rickards

A mortgage boss said he expects the market share of mortgage intermediary business to hit 65% by the end of the year.

Mortgage Solutions | 09 Apr 2014

#theforum2014: Post-MMR buy-to-let surge will not affect service

Lenders do not expect the predicted post-MMR surge in buy-to-let business to significantly impact on service levels, brokers at The Buy to Let Market Forum heard.

Mortgage Solutions | 09 Apr 2014

#theforum2014: The buy-to-let straw poll round-up

At this year’s Buy to Let Market Forum, straw polls taken by our presenters from our Manchester audience became a real theme of the event.

Mortgage Solutions | 08 Apr 2014

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