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The housing market and election years gone by - CML

Mortgage Solutions | 08 May 2015

After winning the majority vote, the Conservatives have secured five more years in government.

The front door of 10 Downing Street
Ed Miliband launches Labour Party manifesto

Labour makes first-time buyer stamp duty pledge

Labour would make first-time buyers exempt from stamp duty for purchases under £300,000, Ed Miliband is due to announce.

Mortgage Solutions | 27 Apr 2015
George Osborne

Budget 2015: Coalition 'to raise personal allowance towards £11k'

George Osborne is planning a pre-election boost for hundreds of thousands of workers by announcing a further increase to the income tax personal allowance.

Mortgage Solutions | 09 Mar 2015

Other Coalition articles

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg

Lib Dems eye tax hikes on holiday homes

The Liberal Democrats are considering tax hikes on holiday homes to stop second home owners “gutting” rural communities and pricing locals out of the market.

Mortgage Solutions | 17 Jun 2014

Shapps opposed building on airfield where he kept plane

The former housing minister Grant Shapps attempted to prevent homes being built on an airfield where he kept a plane, it has emerged.

Mortgage Solutions | 17 Dec 2013

Mortgage industry 'front and centre' of political debate - Cicero

Mortgage professionals will find themselves “firmly in the spotlight” as the cost of living debate gains momentum, a political communication consultant has warned.

Mortgage Solutions | 07 Nov 2013
Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne

Politics driving ‘feel-good’ house price rise – analyst

The government is using rising house prices to boost public sentiment in the run up to the next election, an analyst has suggested.

Mortgage Solutions | 18 Sep 2013
Business secretary Vince Cable

Coalition split before 2015 ‘possible', says Cable

It is 'certainly possible' that the coalition government between the Conservative and Liberal Democrats could break up before the next general election in 2015, Vince Cable has said.

Mortgage Solutions | 17 Sep 2013

Clegg pledges further hikes to income tax allowance

Deputy prime minister Nick Clegg has promised people earning minimum wage will pay no income tax should the Liberal Democrats stay in government.

Mortgage Solutions | 16 Sep 2013

Help to Buy house price bubble will aid Tory election bid - analyst

Conservative MPs rather than first-time buyers could reap the biggest benefit from Help to Buy thanks to a house price boom, a consultancy has suggested.

Mortgage Solutions | 26 Jul 2013

Former coalition minister slams govt's landlord immigration plans

An MP and former minister has branded plans forcing landlords to verify their tenant’s immigration status 'unworkable'.

Mortgage Solutions | 15 Jul 2013

Govt to replace ‘failed' approved persons regime

The government plans to scrap what it has branded the "failed" approved person regime in financial services and replace it with a new senior persons regime.

Mortgage Solutions | 08 Jul 2013
British immigration stamp

Landlords face £3,000 fines for illegal immigrant tenants

Landlords found to have repeatedly rented properties to illegal immigrants could face fines of £3,000 per tenant.

Mortgage Solutions | 04 Jul 2013

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