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Former Competition Commission chief joins FCA

Mortgage Solutions | 23 Apr 2014

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has appointed former chief executive of the Competition Commission (CC) David Saunders as a senior adviser on competition.

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Twin peaks regulation costs 24% more than FSA

The Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority together cost 24% more in 2013 to 2014 than the Financial Services Authority in 2012, a report has revealed.

Mortgage Solutions | 25 Mar 2014

Ex-FSA chairman calls for pension age to rise to 70 as soon as 2040

The state pension age should rise to 70 by 2040 - more than 20 years earlier than scheduled under government changes - the former chairman of the Financial Services Authority (FSA) Lord Adair Turner said last night.

Mortgage Solutions | 12 Mar 2014

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Job cuts, lavish bonuses and Take That - The Mortgage Solutions Quiz

Here's our news quiz to test your knowledge of the week's most thought-provoking, quirkiest and downright bizarre moments on Mortgage Solutions.

Mortgage Solutions | 14 Feb 2014

More than 5,000 suspensions in financial services since crisis

More than 5,000 financial advisers, brokers and bankers have been sacked or suspended since the beginning of the financial crisis, according to Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) figures.

Mortgage Solutions | 11 Feb 2014

Ex-FSA chairman Turner warns UK economy is like 90s Japan

Former Financial Services Authority (FSA) chairman Lord Turner has warned that the UK has failed to rebalance its economy and is simply repeating the errors made in the run-up to the 2007/8 financial crisis.

Mortgage Solutions | 11 Feb 2014

RBS clashes with Sants over rights issue lawsuit

Royal Bank of Scotland's (RBS) defence against a £4bn lawsuit from shareholders contradicts evidence given to MPs by former Financial Services Authority (FSA) boss Hector Sants, it has emerged.

Mortgage Solutions | 20 Dec 2013

FCA fines soar 43% in 2013 as regulator bites back

Fines levied by the regulator against the financial services industry soared by almost 50% this year, as the tougher stance of the new Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) left its mark.

Mortgage Solutions | 11 Dec 2013

Hector Sants resigns from Barclays with stress and exhaustion

After just 11 months in the role, Sir Hector Sants, the bank's head of compliance, government and regulatory relations has resigned.

Mortgage Solutions | 13 Nov 2013

Is poor third party oversight exposing lenders to fraud? – Mark Blackwell

Does your organisation have adequate third party oversight?

Mortgage Solutions | 12 Sep 2013
FSA chief executive Hector Sants

Sants to join British Bankers' Association board

Former Financial Services Authority CEO Sir Hector Sants is to join the board of the British Bankers’ Association (BBA) lobbying group, according to reports.

Mortgage Solutions | 09 Aug 2013

FCA plans social media storm

Advisers will increasingly hear about regulation issues over social media such as Twitter, according to a Financial Conduct Authority report.

Mortgage Solutions | 24 Jul 2013

FCA pledges to pursue prosecutions against five or more banks accused of fixing Libor

City watchdogs have pledged to pursue prosecutions against five or more banks accused of fixing Libor, as the probe into rigging of the key inter-bank lending benchmark intensified.

Mortgage Solutions | 19 Jul 2013

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