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Liberal democrats

Lib Dems plan new tax band for £2m+ properties

Mortgage Solutions | 09 Apr 2014

A leading Liberal Democrat has outlined plans to implement additional council tax bands for properties worth over £2m.

Danny Alexander

Can ‘pensions for property’ work in practice?

The National Association of Pension Funds (NAPF) is right to feel 'uneasy' about the Liberal Democrats' recent 'pensions for property' announcement.

Mortgage Solutions | 09 Oct 2012 key

Danny Alexander: mansion tax is 'simple, fair, unavoidable'

One of the most influential Liberal Democrat members of the coalition has insisted the party will continue to argue for a mansion tax, targeting “unearned wealth”.

Mortgage Solutions | 25 Sep 2012

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Vince Cable business secretary

Cable attacks ‘anti-business’ banks; backs 'mansion tax'

Vince Cable has launched another broadside against banks, branding them as ‘anti-business’ and slamming them for their “greed and stupidity”.

Mortgage Solutions | 24 Sep 2012

Pension-for-house deposit idea ‘half baked’ – Altmann

Nick Clegg’s idea that pension savings should be used as a form of guarantee to help young people get on the housing ladder is ‘half baked’, Saga’s Ros Altmann has said.

Mortgage Solutions | 24 Sep 2012

Clegg calls for emergency tax on rich

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg will argue for a "time-limited" extra tax on the UK's wealthiest people as politicians reconvene after their summer breaks.

Mortgage Solutions | 29 Aug 2012

“Modest” March Budget on the cards, warns accountant

George Osborne has limited scope for manoeuvre in terms of handouts for the UK in the Budget on 21 March as the economy continues at a sluggish pace, warned an accountant.

Mortgage Solutions | 21 Feb 2012

ABI attacks ‘payment for failure’ in boardrooms

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has today published guidelines attacking “payment for failure”.

Mortgage Solutions | 28 Sep 2011

Rear View: Recap on the week's mortgage coverage

In case you missed anything, this is our rundown of the biggest stories and features hitting our headlines.

Mortgage Solutions | 23 Sep 2011 key

Lib Dem Conference 2011: Clegg pledges ‘firewall’ for banking system

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has defended his party’s support for the coalition’s spending cuts and pledged to create a “firewall” to protect retail banking customers from speculative investments.

Mortgage Solutions | 21 Sep 2011
Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne

Ministers mull £5bn economy boost - papers

Ministers are discussing plans to inject up to £5bn into the economy without abandoning their deficit reduction strategy, according to reports.

Mortgage Solutions | 21 Sep 2011

Royal London: FSA 'failed mutuals'

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has failed to recognise the virtues of mutuals, Royal London has said.

Mortgage Solutions | 20 Sep 2011
Business secretary Vincent Cable

Lib Dem Conference 2011: Cable calls for ‘stability, stimulus and solidarity’

Business secretary Vince Cable today called for a policy of “stability, stimulus and solidarity” to aid Britain’s financial recovery.

Mortgage Solutions | 19 Sep 2011

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