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MMR will force brokers to know their customers - Marketwatch

Mortgage Solutions | 06 Feb 2014

The theory is that the majority of advice firms in the mortgage market have had their MMR ducks in a row for some time. So,forward-thinking advisers in the industry are thinking about the post-MMR market and how in reality this will change the way lenders, distributors, brokers and consumers interact with each other.

Mark Carney

Carney's forward guidance U-turn - weak or wise? Marketwatch

A U-turn from the top hierarchy of the country's decision makers is ordinarily viewed as a sign of weakness.

Mortgage Solutions | 29 Jan 2014

The legend of the 30-year fix returns - Marketwatch

It's now a widely accepted belief that rates are as low as they are going to go. The Council of Mortgage Lenders believes that the rock bottom pricing in the market at the moment is as good as it is going to get apart from some minor undercutting going on in the marginalised 95% loan-to-value lending space.

Mortgage Solutions | 22 Jan 2014

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Lenders with grand distribution plans must think big picture - Marketwatch

Improving conditions in the mortgage market are inducing smaller lenders, in terms of their volume of mortgages, to make big statements about their lending ambitions for 2014.

Mortgage Solutions | 15 Jan 2014

Key issues for mortgage advisers in 2014 - Marketwatch

The Council of Mortgage Lenders forecasts the mortgage market will lend £195bn in 2014, a 30% increase on last years' estimate. But the servicing logistics of stepping up a gear won't be the only challenge facing the industry in 2014.

Mortgage Solutions | 08 Jan 2014

EU Mortgage Directive risks confusing consumers - Marketwatch

After years of negotiations, the European Parliament has quietly passed the EU Mortgage Credit Directive today. This means firms will soon be following the same rules as mortgage professionals across the European Union.

Mortgage Solutions | 11 Dec 2013

The FCA must engage more closely with brokers - Marketwatch

On Monday, a broker audience at The Mortgage and Protection Event 2013 exploded with indignation. The speaker was the Financial Conduct Authority, and the issue was the impossible task of working out opaque lender affordability criteria.

Mortgage Solutions | 04 Dec 2013

Who should you hire? Giving responsibility to the right people - Marketwatch

In just one week, the private life of Reverend Paul Flowers has become headline news. But while the public absorbs the revelation a former Co-op Bank chair took cocaine and ketamine, financial services firms will be pondering the damage a single, poor appointment can do.

Mortgage Solutions | 27 Nov 2013
Row of houses and parked cars

Help to Buy 2: rocket fuel for the market? - Marketwatch

Help to Buy 2 is off to a flying start. More than 2,000 applications made under the mortgage guarantee scheme in the first month have been agreed in principle, and interest shows no sign of flagging.

Mortgage Solutions | 20 Nov 2013

Taxing foreign buyers is a pointless political stunt – Marketwatch

They snap up million pound properties in Mayfair. They invest in badly-needed new build developments. They may be looking for a fashionable pad, or simply a safe place to park their money.

Mortgage Solutions | 06 Nov 2013

FCA expects more proactive compliance staff – Marketwatch

“Be prepared.” This is Bankhall’s warning to directly authorised firms, and their compliance staff when it comes to the Financial Conduct Authority.

Mortgage Solutions | 30 Oct 2013

Advisers must prepare borrowers for interest rate rise - Marketwatch

As many as 30,000 borrowers could be forced into arrears if the Bank base rate increased, HML researchers suggested this week. A few days earlier, Citizens Advice raised concerns about the impact of an interest rate rise on buy-to-let landlords – and the knock-on effect for tenants.

Mortgage Solutions | 23 Oct 2013

Landlords turning to longer-term mortgages - Marketwatch

The mortgage market has changed since March. The government’s Help to Buy scheme has had an electric effect on the first-time buyer market, meaning some renters can now afford to buy.

Mortgage Solutions | 16 Oct 2013

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