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Desperate Dan - The Insider

Mortgage Solutions | 23 Aug 2013

Dan sits opposite me. He speaks very quickly in a very high pitched voice. When Dan is on the phone to a customer who is facing repossession, his voice tends to get a little higher.


The end of forbearance

In time honoured tradition, the new regime dictating that we are now requesting evictions on most accounts with arrears sitting on them has meant that the workloads have increased to Soviet Gulag levels.

Mortgage Solutions | 21 May 2013

How to handle workplace shake-ups

Following an extended sabbatical from work (hence the gap between my blogs), I have returned refreshed, renewed and tottering like a baby penguin back into the chilly world of repossessions.

Mortgage Solutions | 09 May 2013

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The long and winding road

You may remember Mrs Malone from her first appearance on these pages in 2010.

Mortgage Solutions | 26 Mar 2013
news roundup bowler hat

A look back at last week's most read stories

Each Friday, Mortgage Solutions rounds up the most popular articles on the website over the past week.

Mortgage Solutions | 15 Mar 2013

The Insider - So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu

Our beloved boss is leaving. His glaring lack of empathy, social skills and personal hygiene had not hindered his progress throughout his 20 year career at my company.

Mortgage Solutions | 12 Mar 2013

New Year blues

The arrival of January has also meant the reopening of the courts for the new year.

Mortgage Solutions | 30 Jan 2013

A cautionary tale for lenders everywhere

I first encountered Mrs Malone in November 2010.

Mortgage Solutions | 30 Oct 2012 key

Working in tricky situations - The Insider

Miss Sadiqi had a house in Peterborough. She had lived there with her ex-husband, a Jordanian national.

Mortgage Solutions | 26 Sep 2012 key

The bigger questions

It's our annual Think Big survey this week.

Mortgage Solutions | 12 Sep 2012 key

The honorable Rt. Hon

MPs may surprise you. They quite regularly get involved in their constituent's affairs.

Mortgage Solutions | 28 Aug 2012 key

Horsing around with the Olympics

I enjoyed watching yesterday's successful Dressage Olympic Gold Medal.

Mortgage Solutions | 08 Aug 2012 key

Burn, baby, burn

The glorious recent weather has been a boon to our dear cigarette smokers.

Mortgage Solutions | 10 Jul 2012 key

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