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Is a certificate a fair swap for a CCJ? Marketwatch

Mortgage Solutions | 16 Apr 2014

Should consumers who default on their credit or mortgage commitments be given the option to go on a financial awareness training programme to avoid the punishment of a County Court Judgment(CCJ).

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Is it time lenders showed self-employed applicants more love? Marketwatch

Mortgage options for self-employed applicants declined rapidly in the aftermath of the credit crisis and even more so when the first draft of the Mortgage Market Review was published.

Mortgage Solutions | 09 Apr 2014

Will the industry follow Clydesdale's lead on interest-only? Marketwatch

Interest-only mortgages once offered homeowners the flexibility to pay off their capital in a way which suited them.

Mortgage Solutions | 26 Mar 2014

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How do packaging firms add value to the buy-to-let market? Marketwatch

A growing market attracts new firms offering ancillary services to help core businesses cope with increased volume; which is certainly true of the buy-to-let sector.

Mortgage Solutions | 19 Mar 2014
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Whose job is it to fill in the MMR blanks - lenders or brokers? Marketwatch

With just over six weeks left until the Mortgage Market Review rules are implemented, plenty of brokers are wary that there's plenty of lender information still to come.

Mortgage Solutions | 12 Mar 2014

They say past performance is no guide to the future - the EU disagrees

In the investment sector they say past performance is no guarantee of future results. A pretty logical disclaimer, you might think...

Mortgage Solutions | 07 Mar 2014

The race to buy Kensington puts specialist lending firmly on the map - Marketwatch

Virgin Money, Goldman Sachs, Metro Bank and buy-to-let lender Paragon have all reportedly interested in buying specialist mortgage lender Kensington which was put up for sale by South African banking firm Investec last month.

Mortgage Solutions | 05 Mar 2014
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Should Powys Trading Standards be regulating estate agents? Marketwatch

The regulation of estate agents is to be transferred from the Office of Fair Trading to Powys Trading Standards following a successful bid for the contract to govern the sector.

Mortgage Solutions | 26 Feb 2014
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Why remortgaging is the new black in buy-to-let - Marketwatch

The latest statistics from the Council of Mortgage Lenders showed buy-to-let remortgaging up 42% in quarter four last year compared to 2012.

Mortgage Solutions | 19 Feb 2014
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Q: How do adviser golf days and beer festivals benefit consumers? Discuss

Aviva's decision to withdraw all corporate hospitality for its life distributors following the release of the Financial Conduct Authority's final rules on inducements has raised eyebrows.

Mortgage Solutions | 19 Feb 2014

The story behind Yorkshire BS’ arrears refund - analysis

Following discussions with the FCA, Yorkshire Building Society has agreed to refund customers more than £8m due to effectively overcharging mortgage arrears customers during payment processing.

Mortgage Solutions | 17 Feb 2014

Can incentive schemes also reward the consumer? - Marketwatch

When Martin Wheatley sat down in front of the Treasury Select Committee this month to explain the regulator's opinion of the Lloyds Banking Group mis-selling scandal I can bet he didn't expect to be accused of using the same defence used by Nazi war criminals.

Mortgage Solutions | 12 Feb 2014

Lenders to ramp up buy-to-let lending as MMR hits – analysis

Mortgage Market Review implementation is nearly here and the biggest worry for the industry is that we’ll see a downturn in all but the safest lending over the coming months.

Mortgage Solutions | 10 Feb 2014

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