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Lenders look forward to the challenges of 2015 - Marketwatch

Mortgage Solutions | 17 Dec 2014

This year has posed many challenges for the mortgage industry which it has risen to with admirable fortitude.


The highs and lows of 2014 - Marketwatch

So we made it through the year. A year which saw the biggest changes in mortgage regulation since M-Day in 2004.

Mortgage Solutions | 10 Dec 2014

The underserved borrower - Marketwatch

There are noticeable efforts among mortgage lenders of late to reach out to underserved parts of the market which have been neglected since the financial crisis extinguished any appetite for risk, perceived or real.

Mortgage Solutions | 04 Dec 2014

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And old-fashioned telephone

Client bank strategies and openers - Marketwatch

Speaking at The Mortgage and Protection Event in Birmingham, Mortgage Advice Bureau's Gareth Herbert talked about how difficult advisers find picking up the phone to clients after a couple of years.

Mortgage Solutions | 26 Nov 2014

Skill-up or refer on? Marketwatch

At last week's Legal & General Mortgage Club conference Martin Noone, managing director of the network, told members they needed to look beyond the sole advice model.

Mortgage Solutions | 20 Nov 2014
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Brokers reveal complex case success stories - Marketwatch

We've all heard the horror stories about obstructive lenders, nit-picking over cases since the Mortgage Market Review with a magnifying glass.

Mortgage Solutions | 12 Nov 2014

Are the stock markets ready for bank IPOs?

The National Australia Bank (NAB) may encounter difficulties if it opts to sell British banks it owns through an initial public offering (IPO) to the markets, industry experts have said.

Mortgage Solutions | 30 Oct 2014
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Best advice in a rate war - Marketwatch

The battle to reach volume lending targets and increase market share before the end of the year is seeing some lenders slash rates.

Mortgage Solutions | 29 Oct 2014

What next for housing? Marketwatch

Labour's pre-election campaign has ranked help for the housing market high on its agenda.

Mortgage Solutions | 23 Oct 2014

Inflation drop could be good news for mortgage advisers

With inflation at its lowest level since September 2009, and possibly set to fall further, the Bank of England is now under less pressure than previously to raise rates to curb prices.

Mortgage Solutions | 17 Oct 2014

Have LTI caps impacted lending levels? Marketwatch

The loan-to-income ratio was formally implemented on October 1. Following its announcement in June lenders were told to employ the spirit of the cap immediately.

Mortgage Solutions | 08 Oct 2014

HSBC turns to the broker channel - market reaction

HSBC will begin distributing mortgages through intermediaries from 6 October through Countrywide Mortgage Services.

Mortgage Solutions | 02 Oct 2014

Is Rent to Buy the key to unlocking home ownership? Marketwatch

It seems the government loves to recycle its '.. to buy' series and this time tenants have become the focal point of the scheme.

Mortgage Solutions | 01 Oct 2014

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