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MCD: Second charges under MCOB - impact analysis

Mortgage Solutions | 01 Oct 2014

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has published its consultation paper "Implementation of the Mortgage Credit Directive and the new regime for second charge mortgages".

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MCD: Lifetime mortgages re-defined - impact analysis

Equity release lifetime mortgages are to remain exempt from the Mortgage Credit Directive (MCD) owing to their unique servicing feature which allows borrowers to indefinitely defer monthly payments.

Mortgage Solutions | 29 Sep 2014

Client fees versus proc fee rises - Marketwatch

Charging clients fees for advice on retail investments became a reality for IFAs in 2012 under the Retail Distribution Review which placed a ban on commission being paid by investment providers.

Mortgage Solutions | 24 Sep 2014

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What's in store for quarter four? Marketwatch

As we approach the final quarter of 2014 the country is faced with much economic uncertainty.

Mortgage Solutions | 18 Sep 2014
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Do conveyancers need tougher regulation? Marketwatch

June saw the end of a long battle by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) to bring seven Cheshire-based conveyancers to justice after fraudulent activity resulting in client compensation pay outs of £13m.

Mortgage Solutions | 10 Sep 2014 key

Regulating buy-to-let: The industry response

The Treasury's U-turn on the regulation of buy-to-let mortgages will see ‘accidental landlords' swept into the same regime as residential property owners.

Mortgage Solutions | 05 Sep 2014

Is it time for a ban on execution-only sales? Marketwatch

With the arrival of the Mortgage Market Review, so came the dawn of the execution-only sale, the replacement for non-advised mortgages.

Mortgage Solutions | 03 Sep 2014

Brokers share their self-employed mortgage wishlist - Marketwatch

Employment figures from the Office of National Statistics released this month revealed an increase of people in work, largely driven by the self-employed sector.

Mortgage Solutions | 28 Aug 2014

Should ARs always be punished for the sins of their network? Marketwatch

Following the Financial Conduct Authority's decision to ban IFA network Financial Limited from recruiting any more advisers due to supervision failings, NatWest stopped accepting business from all network brokers.

Mortgage Solutions | 20 Aug 2014
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Product promotion through social media: #whybother? Marketwatch

The Financial Conduct Authority has launched a consultation period on its guidelines for adhering to the rules for financial promotions when using social media.

Mortgage Solutions | 13 Aug 2014

Industry heavyweights predict 2014 gross lending - Marketwatch

The half year performance statements came thick and fast last week with some astonishing lending and profit figures.

Mortgage Solutions | 06 Aug 2014
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Is mortgage process outsourcing risky business? Marketwatch

It has begun. New lenders are starting to emerge and the industry gossip wire tells us more are on the way.

Mortgage Solutions | 30 Jul 2014
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Where will the next wave of product innovation emerge? Marketwatch

As the summer heat wave takes over the UK we competition in the specialist mortgage market is warming up too with lenders offering product sales and bringing new options to the table.

Mortgage Solutions | 23 Jul 2014

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