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Do recent proc fee hikes signal a turning point in the industry? Marketwatch

Mortgage Solutions | 20 May 2015

We've seen buy-to-let lenders increase proc fees but residential lenders have been slow to follow.


Mortgage adviser? Mortgage broker? The market view - Marketwatch

Given that around 65% to 70% of mortgage advice comes through the intermediary channel is the title mortgage broker now outdated?

Mortgage Solutions | 13 May 2015

Pension freedom, buy to let and the ethical standpoint - Marketwatch

The decision to give pension savers freedom to access their pots and invest or fritter it away has posed an advice conundrum for the parties involved in the transaction, not least the retiree themselves.

Mortgage Solutions | 07 May 2015

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Will the Ombudsman's HSBC sanction for age capping turn the lending tide? Marketwatch

The debate around lending to older borrowers continues to rage.

Mortgage Solutions | 23 Apr 2015

What's stopping customers from remortgaging? Analysis

Borrowers could save thousands of pounds a year by remortgaging, so why don't they?

Mortgage Solutions | 22 Apr 2015 key
Concept image of a cloud question mark

Behavioural science: Is it ethical?

Protection advisers are being taught how to use behavioural science to sell protection to their clients.

Mortgage Solutions | 17 Apr 2015

Can custom build really solve the country's housing woes? Marketwatch

Housing supply pressures are causing house prices to continue to rise.

Mortgage Solutions | 16 Apr 2015
Northern Ireland 3D map

Prospects strengthen for the advice market in Northern Ireland - analysis

Official statistics out this week showed that house prices in Northern Ireland are rising almost twice as fast as those in England.

Mortgage Solutions | 16 Apr 2015

The business of remortgaging - broker strategies

Remortgaging can save clients thousands of pounds and provide a vital revenue stream for brokers.

Mortgage Solutions | 02 Apr 2015
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Real life case studies of advice for vulnerable clients - Marketwatch

Last month a paper commissioned by the FCA found ‘problems at every stage' in the way firms deal with vulnerable consumers. It said financial services products and services often streamlined customers and failed to meet non-standard needs.

Mortgage Solutions | 01 Apr 2015

How to put customers at the heart of lending strategy - Marketwatch

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) released a report last week which found, after a review of 10 lenders, some were still failing to put the customer at the heart of their lending strategies.

Mortgage Solutions | 25 Mar 2015

Should consumer buy-to-let rules be extended to retiree landlords? - Marketwatch

The debate rumbles on as to whether retirees will raid their pension pots to invest in property to rent out as a way to generate a monthly income.

Mortgage Solutions | 19 Mar 2015

Budget 2015: Help to Buy ISA - how the industry reacted

In the Budget 2015 George Osborne unveiled his plans to help first-time buyers save for a deposit for their home.

Mortgage Solutions | 18 Mar 2015

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