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Should ARs always be punished for the sins of their network? Marketwatch

Mortgage Solutions | 20 Aug 2014

Following the Financial Conduct Authority's decision to ban IFA network Financial Limited from recruiting any more advisers due to supervision failings, NatWest stopped accepting business from all network brokers.

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Product promotion through social media: #whybother? Marketwatch

The Financial Conduct Authority has launched a consultation period on its guidelines for adhering to the rules for financial promotions when using social media.

Mortgage Solutions | 13 Aug 2014

Industry heavyweights predict 2014 gross lending - Marketwatch

The half year performance statements came thick and fast last week with some astonishing lending and profit figures.

Mortgage Solutions | 06 Aug 2014

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Is mortgage process outsourcing risky business? Marketwatch

It has begun. New lenders are starting to emerge and the industry gossip wire tells us more are on the way.

Mortgage Solutions | 30 Jul 2014
Google SEO Crystal Ball

Where will the next wave of product innovation emerge? Marketwatch

As the summer heat wave takes over the UK we competition in the specialist mortgage market is warming up too with lenders offering product sales and bringing new options to the table.

Mortgage Solutions | 23 Jul 2014
Martin Wheatley

The FCA review: one year on - Marketwatch

The Financial Conduct Authority published its first annual report last week reviewing its performance since it came into force on 1 April 2013, taking over from the Financial Services Authority.

Mortgage Solutions | 16 Jul 2014
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Will secured loans lose out to remortgaging when rates rise? Marketwatch

That a rate rise is on the way is a certainty. What effect this will have on borrowers' behaviour as they move to protect themselves from unpredictable and increasing payments is still an unknown.

Mortgage Solutions | 09 Jul 2014

Mark Carney: One year on

As he marks his first year at the helm of the Bank of England, Investment Week looks at what impact Governor Mark Carney has had on the UK economy.

Mortgage Solutions | 08 Jul 2014 key

Brokers battle against base rate confusion - Marketwatch

Mark Carney was accused by one press outlet of being an 'unreliable boyfriend' with all his recent back and forth messages about when the base rate will rise.

Mortgage Solutions | 02 Jul 2014

Time for new lenders in the buy-to-let market? Marketwatch

In the last three months the buy-to-let market has seen existing lenders split in two directions on criteria with some becoming more cautious, others clearly touting for business.

Mortgage Solutions | 26 Jun 2014

Attracting women to senior roles needs top down leadership

Female appointments to senior roles in financial services are always a talking point for the industry.

Mortgage Solutions | 19 Jun 2014
The Bank of England

When a rate hike means a rate hike: The world's five highest interest rates

Investors may see UK interest rates rise earlier than the 2015 date priced in by the markets, the Bank of England governor Mark Carney and the MPC have warned, but some economies have to cope with much higher rates.

Mortgage Solutions | 19 Jun 2014 key

Mortgage loan capping: Right move or wrong step? Marketwatch

Last week George Osborne handed the Bank of England the power to cap the size of mortgage loans compared to family income and house values.

Mortgage Solutions | 18 Jun 2014

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