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Buy to Let Marketwatch - Ying Tan

Mortgage Solutions | 18 Dec 2014

Leading the way when it comes to major criteria shake-ups this month is buy-to-let specialist BM Solutions.


Affordability: So what is essential spend?

There is a lot of talk at the moment about whether committed monthly pension payments should be included by lenders when they do their mortgage affordability calculations.

Mortgage Solutions | 18 Dec 2014

Long live buy to let

Buy-to-let has always been an area that has not only captured the intermediary market but also the heart of the consumer. It has stood up during the recession and, despite changes in criteria, it has weathered the storm well.

Mortgage Solutions | 16 Dec 2014

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The year in review - L&G's Stephen Smith

When I started in this industry back in 1978, working for the Abbey National Building Society, the piece of legislation we operated under was the Building Societies Act 1964.

Mortgage Solutions | 12 Dec 2014

Stamp Duty changes will boost business and house prices - ASTL

The government has grasped the Stamp duty nettle and has done away with the so-called "slab system", which has meant that for years a house sold for £250,001, rather than £250,000 attracted an extra £5,000 in stamp duty.

Mortgage Solutions | 11 Dec 2014

The Capital's price correction and the pressure to 'up-value'

London has long dominated the UK's property market and until recently it has strongly outperformed the rest of the country. But London itself is arguably two markets: London and what we might call Greater London.

Mortgage Solutions | 11 Dec 2014

Are Stamp Duty changes a landlord's dream? - Broadhead

As usual I was glued to the TV as George Osborne delivered his Autumn Statement, but with little expectation of anything mind-blowing from a mortgage/housing perspective.

Mortgage Solutions | 09 Dec 2014

Is jack of all trades a step too far? - Jackie Uhi

Is it possible to be a jack of all trades and master of many, is a question which many intermediaries often ask themselves.

Mortgage Solutions | 09 Dec 2014

The Stamp Duty changes at the coalface - Blacks

As you might imagine, since the Chancellor's announcement of the changes to the stamp duty system, we have received a significant number of calls coming into Blacks from clients asking how this will affect them.

Mortgage Solutions | 04 Dec 2014

MMR and the age gap - IMLA

As ever more Britons become self-employed (the latest proportion is around 15%) and the average age of first-time buyers creeps upward, there is a growing army of ‘non-standard' mortgage customers who fall outside the traditional core of salaried borrowers with no credit blemishes who can pay off their loans before a set retirement date.

Mortgage Solutions | 02 Dec 2014

Lender competition heats up again in Q4

It appears that lenders who played it safe through the months following the Mortgage Market Review have now reviewed their criteria and are adapting it into Q4.

Mortgage Solutions | 27 Nov 2014

The butterfly effect for mortgage rates - Mike Jones

The butterfly effect is the popular metaphor for how a small change in one set of conditions can have significant impact later on in another set of conditions. The theory being that the flap of a butterfly's wings in Brazil could eventually set off a tornado in Texas.

Mortgage Solutions | 25 Nov 2014

BDMs are important but some struggling, say intermediaries - BDRC

An overwhelming 96% of the mortgage intermediaries we surveyed in September 2014 said it was ‘important' for lenders to maintain business development manager (BDM)networks.

Mortgage Solutions | 25 Nov 2014

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