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The mortgage market ploughs ahead, but many will be left behind - LSL

Mortgage Solutions | 26 May 2015

At the beginning of the year all forecasts predicted a mortgage market of £220 billion in 2015, but at current run rates this is looking very optimistic.


Ask the Expert: What is the impact of the proposed property management reforms?

Our Ask the Experts column is your chance to put industry figures on the spot. In this edition Geoff Hall, managing director at Berkeley Alexander, answers your question.

Mortgage Solutions | 26 May 2015

The UK mortgage market: A new normal? - IMLA

Just over year after MMR came into force the mortgage market seems to be settling in to what IMLA has dubbed ‘a new normal’, with the outlook for 2015 certainly looking more subdued in terms of market activity.

Mortgage Solutions | 19 May 2015

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A Conservative govt should build at the speed the UK needs - First Complete

The election results are in and the clear majority for the Conservatives took almost everybody by surprise. The interesting part will be what follows and how well their manifesto pledges are implemented.

Mortgage Solutions | 19 May 2015

What defines an equity release dabbler? Rozario

The industry is now in debate over what to do with the so-called equity release ‘dabblers'.

Mortgage Solutions | 14 May 2015

The MCD and technology - awkward bedfellows? - Twenty7tec

In March 2016, the Mortgage Credit Directive (MCD) comes into force, forever changing the document that we know today as the Key Facts Illustration (KFI), and perhaps most importantly, bringing second charge lending under the same regulatory regime as first charges.

Mortgage Solutions | 14 May 2015

Why people buy you, not the product - TMA

At TMA, we have recently started a campaign to ask people across the industry ‘what inspires and motivates them’ to do what they do. We hope that by bringing that passion to the forefront, we can be more successful in the things we do every day.

Mortgage Solutions | 14 May 2015

Headline rates grab attention, but service is key - Halifax Intermediaries

One of the most well known sayings in golf is ‘drive for show and putt for dough’. Coined by pro golfer Bobby Locke it means no matter how well you might play the long shots, if you cannot putt you cannot win.

Mortgage Solutions | 12 May 2015

Failure to commission private surveys an 'economic roulette' - Esurv

Despite some mixed numbers at the moment, there is growing consensus that the underlying state of the mortgage market is stabilising.

Mortgage Solutions | 12 May 2015

Don’t let landlord insurance be an after thought - Uinsure

It’s a very interesting time for the buy-to-let industry. The market is more buoyant than it has been in years and with new lenders coming into the fold and rates getting more competitive it looks set to grow further.

Mortgage Solutions | 06 May 2015

Dispelling the rumour mill on survey delays - Countrywide

I have read with increasing incredulity the comments from ill-informed brokers that we are going to be facing long delays for residential surveys after the general election. It's the old adage of never letting the facts get in the way of a good rumour.

Mortgage Solutions | 06 May 2015

Tuning into live streaming technology - Blacks Connect

Quick question: name two things that pop up? If you were on the cutting edge of technology you might have said either a Periscope or a Meerkat, because these are two apps that are creating something of a stir at the moment.

Mortgage Solutions | 30 Apr 2015

The buy-to-let sector needs more institutional landlords – L&G

While the political parties vie for the public’s attention publishing prospective manifestos for building smart new homes, for the tenants who have no accumulating deposit to invest, things have been looking gloomy.

Mortgage Solutions | 28 Apr 2015

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