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An optimistic market outlook, but for how long? - IMLA

Mortgage Solutions | 21 Aug 2014

It has been encouraging to see the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) recently revise its mortgage market forecasts, reflecting the more optimistic economic outlook.


Time for one regulatory regime for all home loans - LSL

With second charge loans now coming under the remit of the FCA and the impending consultation of the European Mortgage Credit Directive looking to regulate all loans in the same way, it has put the spotlight on the difference between the way first and second charge loans are both regulated and conducted.

Mortgage Solutions | 21 Aug 2014

Our buy-to-let marketwatch

Dominating the headlines in the buy-to-let arena of late is the FCA's warning that some borrowers and, indeed brokers may try to ‘game' lenders in order to get around affordability issues.

Mortgage Solutions | 19 Aug 2014

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The financial case against Scottish independence - Tony Harris

The Scottish economy would have been too small to support a bail out on the scale of the one the UK taxpayer had to bear to rescue Royal Bank of Scotland. We would expect to see Lloyds and RBS both relocate their HQs to London leaving most savers north of the border depositing with a foreign owned bank.

Mortgage Solutions | 19 Aug 2014 key

What do Del Boy and the CML have in common?

It was in 1989 - a time when the Berlin wall still stood, Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister, the first commercial service provider of a thing called the internet surfaced and Del Boy fell through the bar - that the Council of Mortgage Lenders was founded.

Mortgage Solutions | 18 Aug 2014

Exciting times for mortgage servicers - Nigel Turner

Mortgage servicing might not seem like an exciting topic to many people, but now is currently a very exciting time for those of us in the sector, not least for myself and my colleagues at HML.

Mortgage Solutions | 18 Aug 2014

Finding a solution to the risky lending problem

Whenever I read the phrase ‘risky mortgages’ in the mainstream media my first reaction is to ask, ‘risky to who?’ Is it risky to the lender or the borrower? Or both?

Mortgage Solutions | 12 Aug 2014

Protect industry from 'keyboard terrorists' - Rob Jupp

A few years ago one of the mortgage industry trade publications introduced what seemed like a radical new innovation: the message board.

Mortgage Solutions | 12 Aug 2014

Video blog: Do what you do best and outsource the rest - Brodnicki

In the second of our series of four weekly Broker Toolbox video blogs, Peter Brodnicki CEO of Mortgage Advice Bureau outlines why specialisation could convert to greater success for your business

Mortgage Solutions | 07 Aug 2014 | screening image

Building a future: further focus needed on housing - BSA

With the recent anniversary of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914 which led to the First World War, you can’t help but reflect about how things have changed over the last 100 years.

Mortgage Solutions | 05 Aug 2014

Top tips for buying a holiday home abroad

More people are looking to secure a place in the sun or snow; follow these top tips for purchasing abroad.

Mortgage Solutions | 05 Aug 2014

Peter Brodnicki video blog: How to charge client fees

In the first in our series of four weekly Broker Toolbox video blogs, Mortgage Advice Bureau CEO Peter Brodnicki looks at how to break down the barriers to fee-charging.

Mortgage Solutions | 31 Jul 2014 | screening image
Bob Hunt

Housing policy deserves seat at top table – Bob Hunt

How important is the housing market to UK plc? The short answer is ‘very’.

Mortgage Solutions | 24 Jul 2014

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