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MMR is just the beginning of regulatory change - BSA

Mortgage Solutions | 23 Apr 2015

The Mortgage Market Review (MMR) has permanently hardwired more conservative lending into the UK market which has been seen since the end of 2008.


How the mortgage industry can get better at telling stories - Kensington

Waitrose released an advert last year that follows the efforts of one boy who fights against the elements only to grow a single carrot.

Mortgage Solutions | 23 Apr 2015

Countdown until the MCD - Ying Tan's Buy-To-Let Marketwatch

As the phrase ‘one year on from MMR’ starts to fade away, it is being replaced with ‘one year until the MCD’.

Mortgage Solutions | 21 Apr 2015

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Universal Credit and why brokers need to take note

Universal Credit (UC) was initially introduced in 2013 and, with its continued roll out throughout 2014 and 2015, will eventually replace most existing benefits and tax credits.

Mortgage Solutions | 21 Apr 2015

The importance of collaboration during regulatory change - NatWest

Getting expert advice is as important as it’s ever been and we all know the value that customers place on choice, product and service.

Mortgage Solutions | 14 Apr 2015

Brokers: Know your responsibility - Promise Solutions

The recent announcement from the FCA that second charge lenders will not have to find out the rate of first charges when offering a secured loan is an interesting one.

Mortgage Solutions | 14 Apr 2015

The mortgage battleground shifts focus from rates to service

It appears that the mortgage rate war is over; interest rates have gone down as far as they can until there is nowhere else for them to go.

Mortgage Solutions | 07 Apr 2015

Mortgage lending’s greatest risks and opportunities in 2015

Mortgage approvals hit a six-year high at the start of 2014 with the return of pent-up demand for housing, improving economic outlook and low mortgage rates.

Mortgage Solutions | 07 Apr 2015

Is it time for a review of the metrics surrounding arrears?

What I love about this industry is the constant changes and challenges we face, often we look back and find our businesses are stronger as a result.

Mortgage Solutions | 31 Mar 2015

Procuration fees – the direction of travel

The last few months seem to have been a relentless succession of procuration fee increases, with murmurs of ‘about time too’ from networks and mortgage clubs and no small amount of ‘we’re doing it because we care’ from the lenders involved.

Mortgage Solutions | 31 Mar 2015

No shift away from sales-driven culture for some firms - Source

In March this year the FCA published a consultation paper titled Risks to customers from performance management at firms which went largely unnoticed by the industry but threatens to completely undermine the way firms set and manage performance, especially with sales teams.

Mortgage Solutions | 26 Mar 2015

'It's been an exciting few weeks' - buy-to-let marketwatch

It has been a very exciting few weeks for the buy-to-let industry, as criteria tweaks and new entrants continue to boost competition within the sector.

Mortgage Solutions | 26 Mar 2015

Housing needs to be at the heart of government

The latest English Housing Survey for 2013/14 showed that despite the extreme difficulty many first-time buyers face getting their foot on the housing ladder, Britain remains a nation of proud property lovers.

Mortgage Solutions | 24 Mar 2015

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