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Work needed on lending into retirement is a challenge - BSA

Mortgage Solutions | 27 Jan 2015

As the Pensioner Bonds go live with all the operational fandango around the deluge of applications (surely expected), you'd be hard pushed to find a better example of the modern face of retirement than her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.


FTB buy to let has pitfalls for the adviser, warns Stockton

I am pleased that RBS and Virgin Money have taken out buy-to-let products for first-time buyers.

Mortgage Solutions | 27 Jan 2015

Start-ups signal growth in a flat market

General consensus among industry commentators is that 2015 will offer little in the way of growth when it comes to gross lending levels.

Mortgage Solutions | 22 Jan 2015

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How old is too old to get a new mortgage?

There has been a stream of media stories over recent months about lenders rejecting new mortgage applications from existing borrowers in their 40s or 50s who want to remortgage or move home.

Mortgage Solutions | 22 Jan 2015

Ten-year fixes - still undateable?

It was just over ten years ago that David Miles conducted what came to be known as The Miles Report calling for the introduction of more ten year mortgages to help bring financial stability to the UK.

Mortgage Solutions | 20 Jan 2015

How long can this price war rage? - Nationwide

Every day there seems to be a new headline, highlighting record low mortgage rates and fierce competition in the market. So what are the driving forces behind the low rates on new mortgage deals?

Mortgage Solutions | 20 Jan 2015

Commit and reap the social media rewards

To my mind, advisers' use of social media in a professional capacity is growing. Certainly, if I cast my mind back to just a couple of years ago, there were considerably less advisers and introducers on Twitter, for example.

Mortgage Solutions | 15 Jan 2015

Rising market, rising recruitment

Certainly growth in broker introduced business is fuelling momentum and ambition in the intermediary sector. This has created more recruitment activity instigated not just by those looking to hire but those recognising it might be time to consider a move.

Mortgage Solutions | 15 Jan 2015

2015 - the year offline sourcing systems go offline?

It was in mid November 1989 that Sir Tim Berners-Lee implemented the first successful communication between an HTTP client and server, thereby creating the worldwide web as we know it, and today the internet is so ubiquitous in our lives that we are, both personally and professionally utterly incapable of functioning without it.

Mortgage Solutions | 13 Jan 2015

Smith urges lenders to use 'transitionals' in spirit of MMR

Despite the fact that my spell checker says there is no such word as 'transitionals, I think we all know what I mean. Under the Mortgage Market Review, lenders are explicitly allowed to ignore the new income assessment rules and can take on borrowers from other lenders who would not normally meet their new criteria, provided the mortgage is for the same amount, and that the customer has no adverse credit history.

Mortgage Solutions | 13 Jan 2015
Bob Hunt

The sectors to watch in 2015

The start of any year should be one filled with hope and positivity. For a start, we are a long way down the road from, for example, 2009 or 2010 when I'm sure most of us would freely admit that the market outlook was anything but rosy.

Mortgage Solutions | 06 Jan 2015

Busting a few rental myths - BDRC

Whilst we know an increasing amount about the attitudes and behaviour of buy-to-let (BTL) landlords (the end-customers of numerous lenders reading this blog), much less is known about the aspirations of landlords' customers - the private tenants renting the property funded by BTL loans.

Mortgage Solutions | 06 Jan 2015

Kensington: 2014 in review - Hammond

For Kensington, 2014 has been an exercise in focus. It was February that Investec announced the sale of our business, and the months that followed brought with them an overwhelming level of interest from numerous potential suitors.

Mortgage Solutions | 23 Dec 2014

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