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Exclusive: Stockton on HSBC: This will change the mortgage landscape forever

Mortgage Solutions | 02 Oct 2014 key

Countrywide is proud to have been chosen by HSBC to partner with them on their launch into the UK intermediary market.


Lenders' safety first approach to affordability could ease - IMLA

While the polling in Scotland has captured the public’s attention, IMLA has been paying special attention to a poll of its own.

Mortgage Solutions | 30 Sep 2014

Is this the start of a mortgage lending slowdown? - Mike Jones

This year there have been many conflicting interpretations over what was behind the traditional August slowdown in mortgage lending.

Mortgage Solutions | 30 Sep 2014

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Procuration fees must rise

Lenders and brokers are in a partnership to distribute mortgages to the UK public and each has an interest in the business strength and health of the other.

Mortgage Solutions | 25 Sep 2014

Dirty tricks sink ships

There isn't much good to be said about the crash that hit the mortgage industry and its suppliers in 2008. Jobs, businesses, pensions and in some cases fortunes were lost.

Mortgage Solutions | 25 Sep 2014

Networks and the FCA are coping best post-MMR - BDRC

Intermediaries think that lenders are gradually coping better with the new MMR rules, but they see no clear trend towards potential borrowers coping better.

Mortgage Solutions | 23 Sep 2014

Stuck in the middle: private banks confused by LTI caps

This week the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) said loan-to-income (LTI) ratios should enhance the resilience of the UK financial system by tempering house price rises and ensuring that customers aren’t taking on too much debt.

Mortgage Solutions | 23 Sep 2014

Replicating the MMR model in buy-to-let

The news from the Treasury that there is a strong possibility that accidental landlords will fall under MMR-style regulation in 2016 should not be shock based on the FCA’s ethos that consumer behaviour should drive product design.

Mortgage Solutions | 18 Sep 2014

Video blog: What does your brand mean to customers?

A vast majority of UK intermediaries will have a trading name rather than necessarily a consumer brand, as that takes a significant level of investment and resource over a great many years to build.

Mortgage Solutions | 18 Sep 2014 | screening image

Prepare for the remortgage rate war - Toni Smith

Over 20,000 people will be coming to the end of their fixed rates in October and this will quadruple in November to 80,000.

Mortgage Solutions | 16 Sep 2014

Video blog: Non-industry recruits - are they right for your business?

Trainees have an important role to play as intermediaries look to grow and diversify in a recovering market, however they are not the answer unless as a business owner you are prepared to invest the time, money and resource to build what can be an extremely valuable asset to the business.

Mortgage Solutions | 11 Sep 2014 | screening image

How to network (properly)

Compare the following two headlines: ‘Financial adviser gains new client through Twitter', and ‘Financial adviser gains new client through local accountancy connection'.

Mortgage Solutions | 09 Sep 2014

Will student debt hamper homeowner aspirations?

It’s that time of year when parents get a little teary eyed, either through sadness or relief – maybe even a combination of both, as teenage bedrooms around the country are vacated and disinfected as thousands of students embark upon their first year away at university.

Mortgage Solutions | 09 Sep 2014

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