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Easter eggs, daffodils and equity release

Mortgage Solutions | 15 Apr 2014

The return of Spring heralds something truly exciting. No, not Easter eggs, daffodils and woolly lambs; I'm referring to the inaugural quarterly Equity Release Market Report from the Equity Release Council.


MMR - where are we as we approach D-Day?

There are just a few weeks until MMR officially comes into force on 26 April.

Mortgage Solutions | 15 Apr 2014

Preparing for a Help to Buy-free future – Genworth

The Help to Buy scheme – both the shared equity and mortgage guarantee elements – began something of a new chapter recently.

Mortgage Solutions | 10 Apr 2014

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Early redemption penalties set for a shake-up - LSL

Recently I looked at the impact of early redemption penalties in dissuading people from taking out the longer term fixed rate mortgages that might be most suitable for borrowers and the economy.

Mortgage Solutions | 10 Apr 2014

Unfair for brokers to blame ‘slowlicitors’ - Broker Conveyancing

I've never really been interested in playing ‘the blame game' when it comes to determining who might be responsible for delays in the property purchasing process.

Mortgage Solutions | 08 Apr 2014

Stamp Duty still on the agenda - Halifax

Stamp Duty, and the potential reforms that could change the way this levy is distributed, look set to stay on the industry agenda for some time to come.

Mortgage Solutions | 08 Apr 2014

Taking another look at offset mortgages - Barclays

We have now officially entered the season of new beginnings. As such it seems sensible that this period also shepherds in the closure of one fiscal year and the birth of another, at least for the purposes of personal taxation and the payment of state benefits.

Mortgage Solutions | 03 Apr 2014

Be wary of mortgage fraud in all parts of chain – xit2

We work in an industry where trust and professionalism are paramount and are the norm.

Mortgage Solutions | 03 Apr 2014

Who really influences your mortgage clients? – BDRC

Many markets are driven by social influence – the way we feel, think and act is strongly influenced by what other people say and do.

Mortgage Solutions | 01 Apr 2014

Looking for the unintended consequences of MMR - HML

The introduction of the MMR on April 26 might initially come as a shock to some mortgage customers.

Mortgage Solutions | 01 Apr 2014

Face-to-face remains best for brokers - Toni Smith

As a network, preparing for the MMR has demonstrated how key the role of a network is in educating brokers and communicating in the right way.

Mortgage Solutions | 27 Mar 2014

Common sense needed to prevent MMR slowdown - BSA

We are now less than a month away from the launch of the new mortgage market regulatory regime.

Mortgage Solutions | 27 Mar 2014
Bob Hunt

Lenders in catch 22 situation over MMR - Bob Hunt

I’m a great believer that the mortgage market is at its most effective when it works together - this might seem like a fanciful idea to some however collaboration between stakeholders should always be the ultimate aim.

Mortgage Solutions | 25 Mar 2014

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