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Broker Toolbox: How to raise capital on buy to let properties

Mortgage Solutions | 16 Dec 2014

The buy- to let market is continuing to grow and, as it does, it creates fresh opportunities for intermediaries as landlords seek to expand their portfolios.


Help to Buy 2 cliff edge on horizon

Greater product choice still needed from some lenders, says Simon Crone vice-president of mortgage insurance Europe at Genworth

Mortgage Solutions | 08 Dec 2014
European Court of Justice

European Mortgage Credit Directive - intermediary friend or foe?

Where there's change, there's opportunity says Richard Pike, sales & marketing director at Phoebus Software on the Mortgage Credit Directive

Mortgage Solutions | 08 Dec 2014

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The changing face of fraud

There's no disputing the past 12 months have marked something of a stellar year for lenders. The Council of Mortgage Lenders estimates gross mortgage lending for the third quarter of this year was £55.5bn - marking an 8% increase on Q2-2014 and a 13% jump on the third quarter of 2013, which just topped £49bn.

Mortgage Solutions | 01 Dec 2014

Equity release and the pension conundrum

The pension changes of next April may be the most significant event to impact on the equity release market ever, shifting the landscape and providing fresh opportunities for lenders.

Mortgage Solutions | 01 Dec 2014

The myth of downsizing

More than two million homeowners aged over 55 are hoping to raise money to pay for retirement by downsizing, research from Prudential reveals.

Mortgage Solutions | 24 Nov 2014

Weird and wonderful uses of equity release

The appeal of equity release has been advancing in recent times hitting record lending figures and surpassing pre-financial crisis lending as it continues to support the over 55s.

Mortgage Solutions | 24 Nov 2014
lofthouse mark

MDay - a decade's retrospective

As the tenth anniversary of MDay approaches, Mark Lofthouse takes a look back.

Mortgage Solutions | 17 Nov 2014

Broker Toolbox: What not to do in online sales pitches

Screen sharing with a client is time-efficient, convenient and helps clients greatly in understanding mortgage options. But it's important to execute these meetings in a professional manner, says Mark Zondler, director at Mikogo.

Mortgage Solutions | 10 Nov 2014

Fraud is the UK's biggest barrier to mortgage lending growth

When fraud is costing financial institutions more than the cost of running the police force, something is seriously wrong, says Benson Hersch.

Mortgage Solutions | 10 Nov 2014
Concept image of a cloud question mark

Big fines, low rates and deposit figures – the Mortgage Solutions Quiz

Here's our news quiz to test your knowledge of the week's most thought-provoking, quirkiest or downright bizarre moments on Mortgage Solutions.

Mortgage Solutions | 07 Nov 2014

Better Business: How to get the app right first time

Keith Barber, Family Building Society offers ten top tips for advisers when considering a new mortgage application

Mortgage Solutions | 03 Nov 2014

Broker Toolbox: Work the angles - Paterson

The household sector is on the verge of sinking into unprofitability. It seems that flood risk, opportunistic fraud and the inexorable rise in popularity of aggregators are all taking their toll on insurers' bottom lines.

Mortgage Solutions | 03 Nov 2014

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