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Tweet compliantly, don't squawk - Blacks Connect

Mortgage Solutions | 15 Apr 2015

The FCA's guidance on publishing ads through social media could rid it of its 'social element', but firms have a duty to be fair and transparent, says Emma-Maria Coffey, business development manager at Blacks Connect.


The push for higher LTV mortgages in buy to let - Genworth

There is a strong case for offering higher LTV buy-to-let mortgages, but lenders should be aware of the risk such a decision poses, Pad Bamford, business development director at Genworth Financial writes.

Mortgage Solutions | 15 Apr 2015

Mind the protection gap - Paradigm

Consumers are in need of individual protection more than ever before and its up to the adviser community to ensure this is tied up neatly with mortgage information, writes Bob Hunt, chief executive of Paradigm Mortgage Services.

Mortgage Solutions | 09 Apr 2015

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Don’t miss the boat on equity release - Phoebus

With 2015 the year for equity release, now is the time for lenders and intermediaries to start eyeing the market, writes Richard Pike, sales and marketing director, Phoebus Software.

Mortgage Solutions | 09 Apr 2015

Assessing the impact of an FCA ban on opt-out sales

The FCA has proposed to ban opt-out sales on insurance products but it's likely to be business as usual for the industry, writes Geoff Hall, managing director, Berkeley Alexander.

Mortgage Solutions | 02 Apr 2015

The benefits of a family run business

The family run business has long been a successful high street model, Jonathan Sealey, CEO of Hope Capital, explains how it can be used as an effective blueprint for the mortgage industry.

Mortgage Solutions | 02 Apr 2015

Responsible lending: A specialist's criteria

One of my simple rules for responsible lending goes as follows: only lend money to people who can afford to pay it back.

Mortgage Solutions | 30 Mar 2015

How technology can create greater efficiencies in your business

Those of you who have been in the industry for long enough will remember the days when paper was king.

Mortgage Solutions | 30 Mar 2015

How equity release can prop up an ageing population - Rozario

An ever-increasing life expectancy is surely a core element of any successful society, writes Andrea Rozario.

Mortgage Solutions | 23 Mar 2015

Striving for efficiency through mortgage technology

The Benjamin Franklin quote “Remember that time is money” is more relevant than ever in a world of increased consumer demand for goods and information to be available 24/7 at the touch of a button or swipe of a screen.

Mortgage Solutions | 23 Mar 2015 key
Chancellor George Osborne presenting the 2013 Budget in the traditional red box

Budget 2015: Everything you need to know

George Osborne has delivered his final Budget before the general election. He announced tax breaks for savers, raised the tax-free personal allowance, and abolished tax returns.

Mortgage Solutions | 18 Mar 2015

Labour urges investigation into ex-housing minister Shapps

Labour is calling for an investigation into allegations Conservative party chairman Grant Shapps used a pseudonym to work as an internet marketer after being elected as an MP.

Mortgage Solutions | 17 Mar 2015

Housing will always be a vote winner - L&G

According to IPSOS MORI, Housing will be the 7th most important issue for voters at the general election in May - coming above crime, poverty and Europe.

Mortgage Solutions | 16 Mar 2015 key

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