How to handle workplace shake-ups

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  • 09/05/2013
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How to handle workplace shake-ups
Following an extended sabbatical from work (hence the gap between my blogs), I have returned refreshed, renewed and tottering like a baby penguin back into the chilly world of repossessions.

In what seems like a short period of time, dynamics have changed, there is a new boss, and a new outlook to how they want us to deal with the accounts we are managing.

The new dynamic means more people in our area. Teams of refugees from shrinking areas of the business washed ashore the Isle of Legal Action.

A little unsure of themselves, wondering how coming up with incentives and marketing ploys in the sales department has ended up with them speaking to customers about repossessing their house if they don’t pay £100 a month more than they already are.

The new boss. Well. In Return of the Jedi there was a large green skinned dungeon guard in Jabba the Hutt’s palace – a Gamorrean guard, I believe they were called. It basically looked like a green human pig with fangs. I did not know that these Gamorrean were in the workforce. Or that they now worked at my company.

Or indeed had attained positions of seniority to me. But of the Gamorrean I shall blog more of at a later date. The new outlook being taken by my company, and I suspect other businesses in the finance world, is zero tolerance.

It doesn’t matter if you have made payments to your mortgage for the last year or so. If you have accrued a large portion of missed payments historically, the powers that be want evictions to be requested.

The logic being, I guess, to clear these accounts with their historic poor payment history off the book. Plus it will encourage people to pay up. Harsh times…

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