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Video blog: What does your brand mean to customers?

by: Peter Brodnicki
  • 18/09/2014
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A vast majority of UK intermediaries will have a trading name rather than necessarily a consumer brand, as that takes a significant level of investment and resource over a great many years to build.

At MAB we do a great deal of independent customer research, as understanding what decisions consumers are making and why is key in driving our priorities as the whole business is built around the customer.

This is what our independent research tells us.

Nearly 60% of customers surveyed were reassured by awards won whether national, and a similar number thought the quality of the website influenced their decision making.

It’s your shop window, and customers want to use it for research, and navigate it easily regardless of whether they access the site on their PC, tablet or mobile phone.

Over 50% of customers were influenced by testimonials, with scale a factor for half of all customers.

Over 40% expected to find the business at the top of a Google search page, and 55% of those under the age of 35 or based in London, felt a strong social media presence was important, although across the UK the average was 36%.

Whether you are personally big into social media or not (and I’m not!!) it doesn’t really matter, as your customers will be making that decision not you or me.

It’s not just about new customers. Promoting the values of your trading style or brand is just as important to your existing customers, and a remortgage call in 3-5 years does not achieve that.

Most businesses will have limited funds to invest in marketing, and so my advice would be to focus your investment on digital communication, and just picking up the phone to existing customers.

You may feel that you have done well for many years without it, but understanding how your customers think and how they prioritise, is key to understanding how to position your business, trading name, or brand.


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