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Teams must be social to succeed – Goldsmith Williams

by: Emma Coffey, head of sales at Goldsmith Williams Solicitors
  • 03/11/2016
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Teams must be social to succeed – Goldsmith Williams
Social media executive. Social media account manager. Social media co-ordinator. Community manager. Digital marketer. Content strategist. Digital guru.

Is it just me, or are there A LOT of titles – some apt, some not-so – thrown around by HR departments looking to recruit (usually) young, (usually) digital-savvy staff these days? After all, just about all of us now agree that ‘doing’ this social media thing is vital to the success of any modern business’s sales and marketing strategy.

I’m not so bothered with a colleague’s title. I’ve known ‘execs’ (and indeed even ‘assistants’) who stronghold teams and ‘managers’ who do the opposite. At the end of the day, it is about retaining a strong, cohesive team of motivated professionals eager to move things forward.

As competition stiffens and times become more turbulent, this has never been truer for the property sector.

That is why I was delighted to join the team at Liverpool-based solicitors Goldsmith Williams (GW), as head of sales. GW may be more than 30 years’ old, but there is no desire to stay stuck in the past in these offices. The team is committed to listening to the changing needs of the client and recreating services to meet that.

‘Going digital’, however, is much more than just putting fancy new websites in place or liking stuff on Facebook. It takes resources, proper investment and the right people.

That is why I was very happy to learn that GW would be hiring a new team member* – a dedicated social media executive (not that I care much for titles).

The property market is reactive, market conditions change daily, trends fluctuate and opinions vary; all amid a turbulent economic and political backdrop.

To remain relevant and competitive, firms must understand offline and online trends; From tweeting first-time buyers to landlords advertise their properties via Facebook groups, monitoring the online world and maximising on the potential to gain ongoing positive exposure at a minimal cost, is a full-time job nowadays. That’s why GW has made it one.

As head of sales, I very much look forward to working closely with our new ‘social media guru’ (oh, I’ve gone and done it again) to ensure GW remains at the top of the (social) game.

Let’s get digital…

*Note – Lee Tobin joins GW after positions in digital marketing and public relations for both creative agencies and major public sector organisations across London, Liverpool and Sydney, Australia.

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