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When it comes to tech, the hare beats the tortoise every time – Twenty7Tec

by: James Tucker, managing director, Twenty7Tec
  • 17/01/2017
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When it comes to tech, the hare beats the tortoise every time – Twenty7Tec
On a quiet evening over the Christmas break, in the hope of being able to switch the TV off for a while, I found myself reading Aesop’s Fables to my children.

The story of the tortoise and the hare, known to most of us, seemed a good place to start – it had animals, tick, there was a race, tick, and there was a meaningful life lesson at the end of it, big tick.

When I was young this tale was a particular favourite. Nothing wrong with being slow and steady it taught us, keep working hard, diligently moving forward, and you will eventually win the race.

Unfortunately, this message appeared totally lost on my children, and a healthy but unexpected debate ensued. Surely, it was pointed out to me, the hare should simply have set an alarm on his iPhone to wake him up to ensure he completed the race ahead of the tortoise?

After some discussion, I concluded that they were right. In ancient Greece where these tales supposedly originated, the tortoise may well have eventually defeated the hare. But today? No chance. In the modern world, the hare gets out ahead, and technology keeps him there until the race is ran. Of course, the tortoise can use technology too, but he’s always going to be a tortoise, there’s only so fast he can move.

The most exciting part about working in technology, particularly in the mortgage industry today is being the hare. Get out in front, set the pace, adapt to changing conditions quickly, and never ever stop for a rest. If you do that those big lumbering tortoises won’t catch you – their very nature means they simply can’t move fast enough.

The same goes for intermediaries and lenders in today’s mortgage market. Ask yourself, with all the technological change going on around you, do you want to be the tortoise or the hare? Do you want to be setting the pace, or always playing catch up?

And if you want to be the hare, perhaps you should be working with other hares to help you achieve that, rather than a big lumbering tortoise.

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