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Working mums should be empowered to take on more senior roles – Simpson

by: Jane Simpson, managing director of TBMC
  • 29/07/2022
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Working mums should be empowered to take on more senior roles – Simpson
Being a working mum is no easy task, regardless of your position within a firm. With a big focus across the UK to increase the number of women in senior positions, what are the drivers to get women in these positions and what does that life look like for those women?

The financial service sector is filled with women who are more than capable of taking a step up the professional ladder, so why don’t they?

I was already the managing director of TBMC when I had my son, but I wonder if I would have pursued the position if I already had a child. I do know it would have taken more contemplation and possibly someone in my corner giving me a nudge.

Life as a mother is much harder than I ever imagined, and I know there are other women that feel the same. While being a parent is so rewarding and changes your life for the better, the demands may mean that taking on extra work responsibilities is a step too far.

What does life look like as a working managing director mum?

I find that transitioning between the two is often the hardest part of the day. The morning fight to coerce Ben into eating his breakfast, followed swiftly by the breakfast meeting can be a difficult mindset switch – although thinking about it makes me realise that there are probably more similarities that I’d previously realised.

Similarly, at the end of the day, leaving work behind and being fully present with a small child can also require a challenging switch of modes, my MD hat being replaced by my mum one.

Being in a senior position often involves time away too and that brings with it the guilt of leaving my child at home. Not to mention not being at home when he is unwell. I guess therefore that some women’s reluctance comes with good reason.


Don’t rule yourself out because of your home life

I would never tell another woman that it’s easy or runs like clockwork. Life is like a military operation for the most part. On the other hand, what I would re-iterate is being a working mum is no easy task, regardless of your position within the firm.

So, if you are already a working mum you are already doing most of the juggling parts. Would my working mum life be any easier if I was in a different position in the company? Possibly not.

Achieving work related goals can lead to a huge sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. I personally believe that I can take things in my stride in my personal life because I have a challenging job and not in spite of. My resilience is higher because of the job I do.

As an employer I have been increasingly empathetic to other working mums in my staff since becoming a mother myself. I hope that as a business this has helped us create a working environment for all mothers (and fathers) which allows an element of flexibility and understanding. This in turn will hopefully ensure the right people are in the right jobs, regardless of their home life.

My advice to any working mum who would like to step up the career ladder is not to rule it out because of your home life. Make yourself known to your employer, discuss openly any reservations or restrictions around your family life but at the same time appreciate and put forward all the positives which you can bring to a role.

If you know someone who is holding themselves back, be that person to give them the nudge they need.

Getting the percentage of women in senior positions up, is in my opinion not about setting numerical goals but about empowering the women we employ to take the next step.


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