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The Buy to Let Market Forum 2017 Presentations

Please find the presentations from the Buy to Let Market Forum below:

A matter of tax by BM Solutions
The potential impact of changes to the tax regime on your clients and possible lender solutions
Phil Rickards, head of BM Solutions (all venues)
Matt Beecham, regional sales manager (all venues)

Why buy to let is such a good thing for intermediaries by Foundation Home Loans
There has been a lot of doom and gloom surrounding the buy-to-let market of late, but the market remains great for intermediaries. Here’s why.
Joanna Elton, regional sales manager (Bolton)
David Burke, sales manager (Birmingham)
Joela Jenvey, regional sales manager (Cardiff and Reading)

Special Purpose Vehicles by Mortgages for Business & Keystone Property Finance
Beware the bandwagon and advise with caution
David Whittaker, CEO (all venues)

Red Flags by NatWest Intermediary Solutions*
What you need to know about tax planning, avoidance and evasion.
Alan Ferguson, senior corporate account manager (Bolton and Reading)
Andy Ingham, senior corporate account manager (Birmingham)
Paul Kane, senior corporate account manager (Cardiff)

Adapt and thrive by Paragon Mortgages
How buy to let lending is changing to meet new PRA underwriting rules and what that will mean for portfolio landlords. How advisers can help clients mitigate their increased tax burden.
Ian Hall, regional sales manager (Bolton)
Rob Stanton, regional sales manager (Birmingham)
Andrew Rudkin, regional sales manager (Cardiff and Reading)

The outlook for buy-to-let investors 2017 by Together
To exit or not to exit? How will the tax and regulatory changes impact landlord behaviour over the next 12 months? Could we see a rise in commercial borrowing?
Chris Duckworth, business development manager (Bolton)
Laleta Buctkuar, business development manager (Birmingham and Reading)
David Owen, business development manager (Cardiff)

*We are currently waiting for permission from NatWest Intermediary Solutions to share their presentation. We will update this shortly.