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2024 Finalists

Broker categories

Rising Star – Distributor sponsored by Landbay

Jonathan Green - Dynamo

Adriana Fedor - Connect for Intermediaries

Mussa Hussain - Coreco Specialist Finance


Complex Buy-to-Let sponsored by Solutions by Foundations

Shazad Ahmed - Elan Property Finance

Michael Flower - Dynamo

Tom Headey - The Buy to Let Broker


Commercial Finance

George Sanford - VIBE Finance

Darryl Jones - Master Finance Specialist Brokers

Charlotte Stanford - Sirius Finance


Second Charge sponsored by One Mortgage System

Alfred Crooks - FinSpace Group

Rachael Peach - Dynamo

Sarah Stroud - Truffle Specialist Finance


Bridging and Short-Term Finance

Sonny Gosai - Norton Broker Services

Narinder Gill - Coreco Specialist Finance

Liam Arnold - FinSpace Group


Complex Income

Victoria Bennett - HD Consultants

Natalie Hines - Premier One Mortgages

Sarah Grace - Sarah Grace Mortgages


Adverse Credit

Gindy Mathoon - Create Finance

Sarah Tinkler - Clever Mortgages

Stephanie Seddon - Right Choice Mortgages


Administrator sponsored by Pepper Money

Robyn Matthews - Brilliant Solutions

Kiran Chawla - Dynamo

Beth Clayton - VIBE Finance


Lender categories

Rising Star - Product Provider

Amy Stones - Quantum Mortgages

Cameron Levitt - Avamore Capital

James Harrison - Paragon Bank



Jordan Thompson - LendInvest

David Francis - Landbay

Stephen Mettler - Hampshire Trust Bank


Business Development

Hayley Gittins - Aldermore

Martin Burgess - Metro Bank

Andrew Heath - The Mortgage Lender


Head of Sales

Joanne Hollins - Metro Bank

Jason Wilde - Paragon Bank

Niamh Downey – Bluestone Mortgages


Head of National Accounts

Louise Apollonio - The Mortgage Lender

Rob Barnard - Pepper Money

Spencer Gale - Quantum Mortgages


Business Leader categories

Development & Innovation Advocate

Dale Jannels - One Mortgage System

Nicola Firth - Knowledge Bank

Phil Bailey -


Specialist Distribution sponsored by Together

Lucy Waters - Aria Finance

Liz Syms - Connect for Intermediaries

Michael Craig - Brilliant Solutions


Peter Hughes - Gateway Surveyors

David Ellison - Pinnacle Surveyors

Ross Bowen - Connells Survey & Valuation



Ian Errington - Blacks Solicitors

Carol Nuttall - Adlington Law

Kevin Tunnicliffe - Sort Group


Bridging Lender sponsored by Crystal Specialist Finance

Sundeep Patel - United Trust Bank

Scott Marshall - Roma Finance

Anna Lewis - Castle Trust Bank


Commercial Finance Lender

Marc Goldberg - Together

Marc Callaghan - OSB Group

Tom Simpson - YBS Commercial

Complex Buy-to-Let Lender
sponsored by Blacks Solicitors

Chris Daly - Hampshire Trust Bank

Mike Cook - Market Financial Solutions

John Goodall – Landbay

Second Charge Lender

Ryan McGrath - Pepper Money

Marie Grundy - West One

Buster Tolfree - United Trust Bank


Complex Income Lender

Charles Morley - Metro Bank

Sara Palmer - The Mortgage Lender

Vicki Harris - Kensington Mortgages


Adverse Credit Lender

Paul Adams - Pepper Money

Mark Hollands - Bluestone Mortgages

Jon Cooper – Aldermore


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