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MS feature: Top Ten Gadgets for financial advisers

  • 19/08/2010
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MS feature: Top Ten Gadgets for financial advisers
Barely a month goes by without the release of another family of electronic devices.

Inevitably introduced as the gadget that will “change everything” or “revolutionise your life”, they are quickly followed by new, ‘improved’ versions.

Portability seems a be a key feature of these gadgets. IFAonline highlights some top choices to help you keep connected while on the move. We start with the popular smartphone options…


The iPhone really is the handset that took the smartphone to the next level. At the heart of its popularity is the plethora of applications available, a number of which can be extremely useful to IFAs. Video calling has also been introduced with the most recent model, although this is only possible over a Wi-Fi connection.

Eg Apple iPhone 4

Verdict – Believe the hype

Android Phone

Android has really made its mark in recent months, with Sony Ericsson, Samsung and HTC all releasing handsets that make the most of the operating system. It is also beginning to find some credibility among business users, with better Exchange support one of the recent improvements.

Eg HTC Desire

Verdict – On the way up


Despite the hype around Apple and Android, BlackBerry remains the boss when it comes to business mobile phones. E-mail support is still the best feature of Research In Motion handsets, while BlackBerry Messenger is also well-regarded. A new operating system is on the way, so its dominance may continue.

Eg BlackBerry Curve 3G

Verdict – Still the one

Tablet Computer

Earlier this year, Apple further extended its reach into everyone’s wallets by introducing the iPad. Other tablet computers have since been announced by rival manufacturers, but they all beg the question: do I really need this? Depending on who you speak to, they changes the way people work or are simply a glorified mobile phones that will never replace the PC or laptop.

Eg Apple iPad

Verdict – Irresistible but unnecessary


These have been around for a while now, although Amazon’s foray into the market with the Kindle has really got them going recently. Although the aforementioned iPad has taken away some of the thunder recently, they are incredibly light and thin and can store thousands of books, while the technology used for the screens makes them easy on the eyes.

Eg Amazon Kindle

Verdict – Lightens the load for long journeys

Mi-Fi Device

With so many portable gadgets reliant on a Wi-Fi connection for internet connectivity, the introduction of Mi-Fi devices in the UK has been welcome. These allow the users to create their own wireless network through a 3G connection.

Eg Huawei E585

Vedict – Could be handy

Internet radio

Internet radios have failed to really take off since being introduced over the past few years. On the plus side they allow access to thousands of stations from around the world, although this is also possible through computers and other devices. It is perhaps a little pointless for anyone who only requires access to Radio 4.

Eg Pure Sensia

Verdict – Give it a miss

Mini HD Camcorder

Anyone looking to record videos to a decent quality will want a camcorder rather than relying on a mobile phone. The latest devices are portable and can record HD-quality footage, perfect for clips to display on a website.

Eg Flip Mino HD

Verdict – Be creative

Mini Projector

Mini projectors have really come to the fore over the past twelve months, with models being released that can fit in the palm of the hand. These are ideal for displaying presentations and can even display videos to a high quality through 50-inch projections.

Eg 3M MPro150 Pico Projector

Verdict – Impress colleagues and clients

Portable Hard Drive

While memory cards, USB sticks and smartphones can carry fairly large amounts of data, a portable hard drive is a must for anyone looking to make sure they can transfer information securely. With new cybersecurity threats always lurking around the corner, they are also important for backing up data.

Eg Western Digital Elements 1TB USB 2.0 Desktop External Hard Drive

Verdict – Essential

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