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Bosses unaware of importance of workplace benefits

by: IFAonline
  • 06/06/2011
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Health and wellbeing for employees has a direct impact on loyalty in the workplace, according to new research.

The study also revealed a disconnect between employers and their staffs’ views on how highly workers were valued with one in three employees not feeling valued by their employer.

Simplyhealth’s engaging employees through health and wellbeing report found that three quarters of employees who said their employer cared a great deal about their health and wellbeing described themselves as very loyal.

In contrast, this dropped to just 3% for those that felt their employer did not care.

Three in ten employees whose employer does not care said they were actively looking for work elsewhere, seven times higher than those who do feel their employer cares about health and wellbeing.

However, while employees are fully aware of the importance of work provided benefits, employers are failing to make the same link.

The report suggested that bosses do not fully understand the impact they can have and are missing a key opportunity to engage with staff.

It found that three quarters of employers (76%) do not correlate employee health and wellbeing to productivity.

More than a third of employers (36%) feel they’re doing their best in difficult economic times and actually care more about employee health and wellbeing.

Yet, only 11% of employees believe this to be the case.

Compared to 14% of employers, 43% of employees do not feel their employer does anything to look after their physical health at work.

And the same is true for emotional wellbeing as almost half of employees suggest their employer does nothing, but only 13% of employers feel this is the case.

Almost two thirds (62%) of employees believe their workplace does not support their financial wellbeing, compared to just 2% of employers.

It also appears government cuts are having an impact as more than a quarter of public sector employers (26%) feel their employer cares less, compared to 13% in the private sector.

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