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The Insider: What not to wear

by: The Insider
  • 22/03/2012
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The Insider: What not to wear
Our in-house solicitors, the Khan Group, are run by three slightly scary brothers.

The main partner, I’ll call him Ruprick, obviously shows a very keen interest in the recruitment policy of his staff.

Of a team of 20, all are female and one is over 25. I believe she was 20 when she started.

The dress code at my company is fairly rigid. Jackets not essential, but preferred, ties are obligatory.

The dress code for the Khan Group is a little more relaxed.

The ladies generally look like they are about to go clubbing at Boujjis to ensnare Prince Harry…wait, I was letting my imagination get away with me there. I meant going to Jumping Jacks to pull a Luton town 2nd reserves substitute.

Anyway you get the gist.

I’d like to think that I am neither an old perv nor a prude, but a gaggle of micro mini-ed girls who look young enough to be my baby sister is inappropriately distracting on a lot of levels.

Any discreet comment that we have made to Ruprick about the situation has generally been met with a ‘well I think they look fine’.

But I don’t think any comments have been made by my boss or above because, well, because he is a degenerate.


Anyway, I’ll stick some pics on the next blog.

Our anonymous blogger, The Insider works in a UK specialist lender’s repossessions department

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