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The honorable Rt. Hon

by: The Insider
  • 28/08/2012
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The honorable Rt. Hon
MPs may surprise you. They quite regularly get involved in their constituent's affairs.

When not chowing down and guzzling thousands of pounds of tax payers monies to pay for baby blue tiling for their pooch’s jacuzzi, they will occasionally step in and do what they can for citizens who may be in need.

I would strongly recommend anyone facing litigation or worse from their mortgage company to try speaking to their MP. My company, as soon as it receives a call from an MPs office or a letter on the House of Commons paper, will immediately drop all action, switch on the red flashing light siren and begin running about in a dramatic 24 TV series (without the efficiency) way.

No finance company wants to be filmed repossessing, no finance company wants its name mentioned in the Houses of Parliament and no finance company can afford to be seen to not be trying its darnedest to reach a solution to a customer not being able to pay before repossessing.

The most recent example of this was David Davies MP getting involved in a case where the property was occupied by a customer’s wife and eight children. The customer was an African national and his wife was an illegal immigrant. They had separated and Mr Meanobo wanted his wife and children evicted. He had called immigration on her.

The lady in question had no rights under usual housing laws but Mr Davies was successful in delaying matters sufficiently for her to be moved into alternate accommodation. I am assuming to allow her time for her residency to be processed.

One small example but you would be surprised what those elected to represent can actually do.

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