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The bigger questions

by: The Insider
  • 12/09/2012
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The bigger questions
It's our annual Think Big survey this week.

It gives our parent corporation an opportunity to quiz its employees and tailor its company policies and strategies to best fit their demands and requirements and in particular whether they believe the company does enough for the community.

So – whether higher management and middle management and lower management listen to and address complaints and concerns from employees. Whether there are enough opportunities for training, development, learning structures, job sharing, job transfers..

Whether career opportunities are openly advertised, openly ‘open’ to all, and whether there is sufficient internal development of staff.

Also, whether the facilities provided by the company are suitable. Pencils are sharp enough, seats comfortable enough or whether they need to be changed for medical requirements. LCDs appropriate, desk space adequate.

..Whether pensions, life insurance, health care cover, dental care cover, partner’s benefits, hair repair cover are all exactly marketed to our needs.
Are you still with me?

I’m on about page three of 25. There are 30 questions per page. The most comprehensive survey, you can imagine, designed to discover exactly what the company’s employees think.

The answers are anonymous and get reviewed and prepared and then presented after six months. The remaining six months of the year are then spent trying to find solutions to these issues before the next annual Think Big Survey is unveiled.

Initatives and changes to current procedures are announced, allegedly implemented and then given a tick on the big presentation screen. Unimportant ones, which they need to balance out the ticks, are occasionally given a cross to show that it is a genuine thing.

It usually takes a good four hours to complete their survey. In the numerous years I have been here I can count on one hand the number of actual changes that have resulted from it.

It’s got to the stage where I don’t bother filling it in. As it’s anonymous. So in a way it’s my fault. Pretty much same apathetic reasons people give for not voting. Ho hum.

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