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New Year blues

by: The Insider
  • 30/01/2013
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New Year blues
The arrival of January has also meant the reopening of the courts for the new year.

For a three week period over Christmas and New Year the courts generally shut down, stop listening to application hearings, cancel bailiffs’ appointments and not set any new evictions over this period.

So much like everywhere else in the country, the return to work in January can be particular gruelling. The courts go into overdrive to clear the backlogs which have accrued.

Our solicitors will work their way through the instructions we have been sending them during the closure period.

All of which generates huge workloads for my area as we try and process all this litigation action. The customers we will be speaking to, generally state they have no money as they have spent it all at Christmas.

We would point out that their mortgage needs to be paid at all times of the year. Christmas is a fixed date and regardless of Christmas they haven’t paid anything all year anyway so we can’t view this as excuse to not pay their mortgage.

This doesn’t make it any more pleasant. Especially with snow falling, the temperature dropping faster than a Liverpool striker in the penalty box and the general manically depressed state of the economy. All in all, a pretty depressing start to the year.

The suicide hotspot of December continues into January and we find the number of court hearings rise anyway as people are generally referred to them to avoid repossession more than at any other time of year.

The councils are particularly slow at dealing with rehousing requests. Plus no-one has any money. New Year blues. Yup.

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