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The end of forbearance

by: The Insider
  • 21/05/2013
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The end of forbearance
In time honoured tradition, the new regime dictating that we are now requesting evictions on most accounts with arrears sitting on them has meant that the workloads have increased to Soviet Gulag levels.

From dozens of evictions being pumped through over a month, we’ve now hit the unpleasant triple digit totals.

Further in tradition, whilst this decision has been made to increase the workloads, no accounting has been made for the lack of manpower to deal with this exponential increase.

Normally this would just mean things don’t get done. No big deal in most businesses or areas. However in a business involving finance – more specifically an area of that business where people are facing losing their homes – this has pretty dire consequences. 

Customers calling in to make payments to stop their eviction are being made to call back. No one is available to take their call. Customers needing to speak to people to discuss what options they have available to them – government schemes, the courts, or ‘other’ – haven’t got anyone to talk to.

Needless to say this is generating even more complaints than usual. Which also have to be looked into. Which causes even more delays.

The new manager – the troll like, female Johnny Vegas – assures us that they have taken this into consideration. If new heads are required (they are) they will be recruited (a long process) and trained up (even longer process) and allocated to the team (hmmmm).

The suspicion amongst the troops is that the company are preparing to sell us off so are looking to clear off all the bad debt. It will only be a matter of time before we are relocated to Delhi.

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