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The repossession department tenant – The Insider

by: The Insider
  • 30/07/2013
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The repossession department tenant – The Insider
Mr Belcher has been with the repossession department for eight years.

The DWP has paid a token £25 a month to his account for about as long as he hadn’t paid a bean. Mr Belcher has also faced down numerous repossessions from several mortgage companies, including mine. He usually relied on the courts to prevent himself, his wife and six adult children from being made homeless.

However the council had indicated he would be given priority housing as the youngest of his adult children had learning difficulties. These learning difficulties meant he was ‘only’ able to work as a mechanic.

Belcher would rely on a different tactic when the time of year ticked towards winter and the Christmas period. The courts had usually delayed any evictions until it moved into November. Mr Belcher then would proceed to write, email and telephone any senior management figure within the company.

The usual stance would be that we were evil and heartless and his family would die on the streets over Christmas and that their deaths would be on our conscience. We never worked out how he managed to obtain the names of random unrelated directors within the company but invariably they would step in and delay Belcher’s impending eviction.

For eight consecutive years, evictions were cancelled to allow Mr Belcher time to find a property to move into after Christmas. In total 13 evictions were cancelled by the courts or by directors within the company. Still no payments, still six adult children (all in employment) living in the property and our client is coasting through the summer months awaiting his latest Christmas sympathy blitz.

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