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Desperate Dan – The Insider

by: The Insider
  • 23/08/2013
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Desperate Dan – The Insider
Dan sits opposite me. He speaks very quickly in a very high pitched voice. When Dan is on the phone to a customer who is facing repossession, his voice tends to get a little higher.

What Dan is saying doesn’t betray any emotions. He could be speaking to a screaming customer who has a Court Bailiff at the door, and he doesn’t get personal or flustered. But HE does get squeakier. Its very disconcerting.

He also can’t eat properly. Crisps, sandwiches, even fruit, is thrown towards his mouth between calls. A small puddle of detritus collects on his desk. It remains there until the cleaners and come in the evenings to break everyone’s desk.

He is a very nice person but he also makes lots of errors. It will usually be his account, where a customer has paid off their arrears. But the Court Bailiff hasn’t been cancelled. A customer will call in, generally fairly upset to find an extra from Auf Wedesein Pet standing on her doorstep. I know without checking that it’ll be one of Dan’s accounts and I’ll be having to grovel to a tearful lady for the next hour.

Dan is also very very very keen on football. I like football. Most blokes do or at least pretend to, as a kind of social lubricant. Dan likes talking about Northwich Victoria’s 3rd team’s results from Monday night for an hour. An hour doesn’t sound long. Count in your head for five seconds….

That’s pretty long isn’t it? Now times that by 3,600. Wow, you are thinking. That IS long to be hearing about Terry Duncan’s poor ratio of 4 goals in 29 matches in Diaboora Davison 29.

I’m going to have to go now. Dan has a new customer and I can tell its going to be a long call because his voice is going higher.

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