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Umbrellas, T&Cs and bucking the trend – Mortgage Solutions News Quiz

  • 24/01/2014
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Here's our news quiz to test your knowledge of the week's most thought-provoking, quirkiest and downright bizarre moments on Mortgage Solutions.

What did NatWest BDM Lisa Maddox tell Mortgage Solutions what brokers asked her for the most?



A) Calendars, notepads and rulers

B) Wine, beer and chocolate

C) Umbrellas, pens and diaries






Correct answer: C) Umbrellas, pens and diaries

This week the Leeds extended the validity of its mortgage offers following feedback from its brokers, but for how long?




A) Eight months

B) Six months

C) Three months

Correct answer: B) Six months

Following a ruling by the FCA, how many mortgage T&Cs will have Kensington have to change because the condition were “likely to be unfair”.





A) 7,000
B) 10,500
C) 11,300

Correct answer: A) 7,000

Which lender bucked the trend by offering a 10-year fixed rate at 4.49%?







A) Santander
B) Halifax
C) Leeds Building Society

Correct answer: C) Leeds Building Society


According to the LSL Property Services survey how many first-time buyer transactions were there in December 2013?

Running Toward Finish Line



A) 31,250

B) 29,100

C) 34,500

Correct answer: B) 29,100


Congratulations – you finished the quiz!


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