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Diary of a new lender – Fleet Mortgages

by: Bob Young
  • 06/11/2014
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Diary of a new lender – Fleet Mortgages
How did I end up in what feels like an episode of Dr Who?

The plot line has something to do with time continually shrinking at an alarming rate with life threatening consequences, lots of running around screaming incoherently with a puzzled look on my face – where’s the sonic screw driver when you need it?

In more lucid moments, which seem to break out between the various scenarios that play out in my mind, everything seems to be on track for launch, but those old enough to remember John Wayne movies know that it’s always dangerous when things are quiet.

Attracting new people to join us is going far better than I could have hoped with a couple of experienced additions having just accepted roles.

When we decided to start up Fleet Mortgages one of the important elements for us was to have people join us who ‘think like us’. There are many talented people in many different fields but the indefinable chemistry that makes a team or business work can be hard to get right.

It’s difficult to put in a nutshell but we want to build a business where people can be proud to say they work here. Judging by the hours people are putting in at the moment I think we’ve got this right; people only put the effort in if they’re enjoying what they’re doing and they feel it’s rewarding (or so I read in an important tome many years ago).

I won’t bore you with tales of the mortgage system this week, those nice people at DPR Consulting together with our superb IT team are playing a blinder.

The products are approaching final ‘cut’ in terms of price and criteria and are looking really good despite last week’s lurch downwards on pricing – but more of this later.

Bob Young is chief executive officer of Fleet Mortgages

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