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Mortgage broker CEO launches end-to-end retention platform for advisers

  • 18/01/2017
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Mortgage broker CEO launches end-to-end retention platform for advisers
Capricorn Financial Consultancy CEO Conor Murphy has launched an end-to-end mortgage platform which aims to help advisers retain clients and speed up and streamline the application process.

The platform, Smartr365, intends to enable brokers to keep track of their client’s application and individual circumstances in real-time, while reducing the mortgage process from as much as 10 hours to an hour.

After completing an initial discussion with the broker, the mortgage applicant will be prompted to complete a fact find which will be populated via the main platform. Brokers can then verify ID using a client’s photograph using DigiID and complete a credit check through the system, which will also pull through applicants’ latest bank statements onto the platform. Property values will be checked using Hometrack’s AVM service prior to application to give brokers and their clients greater certainty, while legal instructions can also be submitted via the platform.

   Diagram: Smartr365 intends to simplify the entire mortgage application process while helping advisers retain clients


Once the client has received their mortgage offer, Smartr365 will also help brokers maintain client relationship management through automated email marketing which is supported by the platform’s full integration with Microsoft Office 365. Capricorn’s Murphy said this will make advisers’ lives easier in retaining clients through remortgaging deals and product transfers.

He explained that he intends to sell the software to networks and mortgage brokerages.

“Advisers who use Smartr365 will be able to focus on what they do best – giving sound and relevant financial advice,” he said. “Using our unique tools, advisers can connect introducers, clients, advisers and business processes and increase their volume of each.”

Smartr365 has partnered with DigiID, eConveyancer and Hometrack, along with two of the big four banks to launch the software. Murphy has not yet revealed the name of the lenders which have signed up but he says between them the banks have a 40% market share.

Murphy said there are also plans to develop the software to support advisers in selling protection.

He added: “We know how invaluable an adviser’s role is in helping clients to get the best advice that enables them to make the best financial decisions. We’re just making the whole process that much easier. We join up all parties – lender, broker, introducer and client – and offer the best solutions, plus so much more.”

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