‘The housing market in this country is broken’ – Sajid Javid

‘The housing market in this country is broken’ – Sajid Javid

The new planning approach, first mooted in the government’s housing white paper, aims to give a realistic picture of how many homes each local area needs. 

The public consultation launched today will run for eight weeks until 9 November.

The proposed changes will help boost housing supply and improve affordability, according to the government. “This is a crucial first step in solving the country’s housing crisis,” it said in a statement.

“As anyone who has tried to buy or rent a home recently would probably tell you, the housing market in this country is broken,” said Sajid Javid. “The simple truth is that for far too long we haven’t built enough homes and we don’t build them quickly enough,” he added.

“It’s time to fix that. This new approach will cut the unnecessarily complex and lengthy debates that can delay house building. It will make sure we have a clear and realistic assessment of how many new homes are needed, and ensure local communities have a voice in deciding where they go.”

Housebuilding in England is now at the highest level since 2008. 

Following changes to the National Planning Policy Framework expected in 2018, councils will have up to a year to get a statement of common ground in place.