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Mortgage Industry Collective Christmas single Take Me Home goes live

  • 12/12/2018
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Mortgage Industry Collective Christmas single Take Me Home goes live
The Mortgage Industry Collective Christmas single Take Me Home, which is raising funds to help end youth homelessness, is now available.


The track was written and performed by members of the mortgage industry who came together following the Mortgage SleepOut event, where fundraisers gave up their bed for a night.

It is available on Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and is due to be hosted on iTunes in the next couple of days.

It can be downloaded from the following links:


Google Play…



Life on the streets

Take Me Home is about life on the streets in the UK, a reality for a growing number of young people.

Proceeds from the song will go to End Youth Homelessness (EYH), the same charity that Mortgage Sleep Out raised more than £100,000 for last month when more than a thousand people slept on the streets.

It costs EYH £25 per day to put a roof over a young person’s head and give them the healthcare, education and employment they need to turn their lives around.

Every penny raised will make a real difference to the lives of the young people currently on our streets.


Mortgage industry support

Landbay Managing Director of Intermediaries Paul Brett and Coreco Brand Director Andrew Montlake led the way on the initiative.

It was recorded earlier this month by M.I.C (Mortgage Industry Collective), featuring Brett and Montlake along with Brightstar director of short-term and development finance Kit Thompson, SPF Private Clients associate director of residential mortgage Howard Levy, HSBC regional sales manager Amanda Fenner, and Computershare business development manager Andy Rowe.

The song was recorded at the famous Powerstudio in London.

The project has also had assistance from musical director Jenny Deacon, a local choir and many different people across the mortgage industry who have all donated their time and their talent to the project.


Remember why we did this

Coreco’s Montlake said: “This whole journey has been simply amazing, challenging, emotional and uplifting.

“We can’t say thank you enough for all the good feeling and support, from our brilliant bandmates, everyone who took time out to appear on the song, the Sweet Charity Choir and to the amazing Benny D who lived up to his legendary status and then some.

“Lots of people talk about doing something like this and we are lucky enough to have been able to produce something like Take Me Home, which means so much to everyone involved.”

Montlake urged the industry to get behind the song and help support the charity.

“It’s now our turn to remember why we did this and make sure we support those who need our help, for whom sleeping out every night is not a choice,” he continued.

“Please let’s donate as much as we can to support this song, to keep awareness of the issues in the public and political eyes, and, in conjunction with the Mortgage Sleep Out and some of the other amazing initiatives, to help try to End Youth Homelessness.”

Landbay’s Brett echoed Montlake’s praise.

“All the singers and musicians were fantastic; however, I must point out a few people who have touched my soul with their brilliance,” he said.

“Firstly, Kit Thompson, who just picked up his guitar, played like a rock god and then thought he could do better.

“Then there was Amanda Fenner, who took some of the singing to another level. Finally, Jenny Deacon and her Sweet Charity Choir made a huge contribution.”

He also thanked Coreco, Landbay and their families for allowing them the time to dedicate to the project.

“Go and download the song, it’s for a great cause and very topical at the moment,” he added.

“Happy Christmas to you all and let’s help those less fortunate by getting 10,000 downloads.”


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