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Get tricky bits of cases out from the start – Anderson Harris

  • 29/01/2019
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Get tricky bits of cases out from the start – Anderson Harris
It is essential for advisers to ensure that potential sticking points on cases are revealed right at the start of the application process, broker firm Anderson Harris has said.


Anderson Harris director Adrian Anderson explained that particularly when dealing with high net worth individuals and private banks it was vital that all the details are clear from the start.

Speaking on Mortgage Solutions TV in association with Investec Private Bank, Anderson said: “Something I always do is If there’s going to be something which might be a bit tricky with the case then that always comes out at the beginning.

“You’ve got to be very upfront with the bank and then we go on to the nice bits.

“There’s no point glossing everything over and then three weeks later, something comes out that you know about, everything has to be said up front.”



The panel also noted that private banks take a more holistic view at client’s financial position than mainstream retail banks.

This can mean a much more in-depth relationship being built between the lender and borrower than brokers maybe typically used to.



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