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Mortgage fraudsters on the run handed Brexit reprieve

  • 16/10/2019
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Mortgage fraudsters on the run handed Brexit reprieve
Two convicted mortgage fraudsters who escaped the country before they were sentenced will now be able to travel to Europe without fear of arrest.


Peter Gifford, 51, and Penelope Lawton, 54, fled before their court case concluded in 2016. They were found to have made false declarations on mortgage applications between 2002 and 2007 in order to get hold of home loans worth £609,250.

The pair had previous convictions for fraud. Gifford was also found guilty of being part of a money laundering ring.

The couple were sentenced to nine years and three years in prison respectively. Before they could be jailed they fled overseas with their two daughters.

However, a European Arrest Warrant for them has now been withdrawn following an application from the Crown Prosecution Service, as part of the nation’s preparations for Brexit, according to a report in Cornwall Live.

By leaving the EU, the UK will no longer be part of the European Arrest Warrant initiative.

This means that if the pair travel to Europe ‒ they are currently believed to be living in the Middle East ‒ they will not be arrested.

An arrest warrant remains in the UK though, so should they return here, they will be immediately arrested.


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