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Santander launches broker exclusive deals; TSB revises range

  • 07/05/2021
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Santander launches broker exclusive deals; TSB revises range
Santander has launched a range of intermediary exclusive products up to 85 per cent loan to value (LTV).


At 70 per cent LTV, there is a two-year fix with a £1,249 fee, with a rate of 1.08 per cent. The five-year alternative has a product fee of £1,499 and a rate of 1.22 per cent. 

Within the 75 per cent LTV band, there is a two-year fixed product priced at 1.29 per cent, with a £1,249 product fee. The five-year fixed option has a rate of 1.52 per cent and a £1,499 fee. 

The 70 and 75 per cent LTV mortgages have minimum loan sizes of £350,000. 

At 85 per cent LTV, the £199 fee-paying two-year fix has a rate of 2.53 per cent, while the fee-free five-year alternative is priced at 2.85 per cent. 

These products are available for purchase only and go live on Monday. 

The bank withdrew two purchase products at 85 per cent LTV. These include the two-year fix with a £999 fee and rate of 2.63 per cent, as well as the fee-free five-year fix at 3.15 per cent. 


TSB refreshes range 

TSB has reduced rates on its five-year fixed remortgages up to 75 per cent LTV by 10 basis points. 

It has also replaced its two and five-year fixed with a three-year early repayment charge, purchase and remortgage products at 60 to 75 per cent LTV, with 60 to 70 per cent and 70 to 75 per cent LTV mortgages. 

Additionally, the bank added two-year tracker products at 60 to 70 per cent LTV for purchase and remortgage. 


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