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Changes in work behaviour could signal mental health struggles – Natwest video debate

  • 11/08/2021
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Martin Reynolds, CEO Simplybiz Mortgages, said changes in productivity, mood swings or even quietness are all signs colleagues may be struggling with mental health issues and mean they could need a helping hand.


Group editor of Mortgage Solutions Victoria Hartley hosted the second in a series of four panel debates entitled ‘Making metal health and inclusivity working practices in the mortgage advice market,’ in association with NatWest.

Reynolds said it’s important to continue to check in on people and step up to help, instead of away if people are acting differently.

“It’s continuing that flexibility and openness and awareness,” he added.

“A traditional fact find from the club out to a member – you’ve got to rewrite that fact find in effect because you’re going to be asking different questions to what you would have asked two years ago about their business” said Reynolds.

“And you need to understand that to look at how we can react and help and support and give them that structure to manage the business in the way they want to manage it,” he added.


A new openness


Michele Golunska, CEO of Sesame Bankhall said one of the important differences we all notice since the start of the pandemic is that we’re more open to talking about how we’re feeling.

“We’re all facing changes we hadn’t expected. We’re working in different ways, we’re working virtually. Different parts of the country [have come] out of lockdown easing at different times so we’ve got clients and colleagues and consumers who are living under different social restrictions.”

The good news is this is an opportunity to open the debate and get a better understanding of any individual, said Golunska.

“With our field-based teams, the visits they have had to clients have been longer because everyone wants to share what’s been going on. In some of those instances, there have been follow ups because we have resources to deploy to help those businesses,” she added.



Look out for the next chapter in the series, ‘Making metal health and inclusivity working practices in the mortgage advice market’ on the 18 August.


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