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Together partners with Improveasy to launch EPC tool

  • 05/06/2024
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Together partners with Improveasy to launch EPC tool
Specialist lender Together has teamed up with sustainability upgrade firm Improveasy to help homeowners and landlords make their properties more efficient.

Improveasy has launched a web-based portal called EPC Builder, which will guide property owners through the retrofit process. Together’s borrowers will gain access to this tool.

Through the portal, property owners will be recommended energy-efficiency and renewable energy measures to improve their home’s EPC rating. They will also be able to install upgrades with the EPC Builder. 

Improveasy has more than a decade of experience in assessing and improving the energy efficiency of UK properties. It specialises in connecting customers with government and local authority grants. 

The partnership has also been announced to coincide with World Environment Day on 5 June, which is an initiative aimed at encouraging people to change habits that have a negative effect on the environment. 


‘Huge bonus for our customers’

Ryan Etchells, chief commercial officer at Together, said: “At Together, we have made it our mission to provide education on the sustainability impact of a property’s EPC rating.

“This strategic partnership with Improveasy will provide a huge bonus for our customers, and could help reduce their bills, improve their carbon footprint, meet legislation, increase the property’s value and maybe even give access to more attractive financial products. 

“Since 2011, Improveasy has been a market leader in green home improvement, with a focus on energy-efficient and renewable technologies. When looking for who to partner with, they were the obvious choice.” 

Austin Barcley, CEO at Improveasy, added: “It is a huge achievement to be able to bring EPC Builder to Together’s customers. Our in-house team has extensive experience installing green home improvements such as insulation, heating, lighting and renewables.

“Our expertise, coupled with Together’s, will provide much-needed support to homeowners and landlords, helping us all move towards a more sustainable future.” 

Last month, Together shared its Q1 financial results that showed its loan book had risen to £7bn, 14.3% higher than the year before. 

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