Together and Gatehouse Bank revise BTL ranges ‒ round-up

  • 03/03/2022
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Together and Gatehouse Bank revise BTL ranges ‒ round-up
Together has reduced rates for its first charge buy-to-let (BTL) and second charge variable products and increased the maximum loan to value (LTV) for remortgage and second charge.


Its first charge BTL rates have been cut from 4.99 per cent to 4.49 per cent, which the lender said was the lowest it offered.

It added that its five-year fixed rate BTL mortgage rate had fallen from 5.49 per cent to 4.9 per cent, whilst two-year fixed rates have fallen from 5.19 per cent to 4.79 per cent.

Second charge variable rates will now start from 5.99 per cent, which is down from 6.99 per cent, and the joint lowest on the market.

The lender has also increased maximum remortgage and second charge LTV limit from 70 to 75 per cent LTV, which it said was in response to “fast-growing demand for its flexible products”.

Sundeep Patel (pictured), director of sales at Together, said he was “delighted” to offer the lender’s lowest ever rates as part of the product changes.

He said: “The BTL lending market has become increasingly competitive since the start of the year with new entrants into this space and, in introducing these changes, we want to make sure that we’re offering the right solutions for clients at the right rates.”

Patel said Together had spent a lot of time getting feedback from the broker community so it could improve and refine its products so brokers could provide the best solutions to their clients.

He added: “Our product changes will allow them to achieve their ambitions, whether that’s buying their first rental property, remortgaging to a more competitive deal, or expanding an existing portfolio.”


Gatehouse Bank brings out limited edition BTL rental rates

Gatehouse Bank has brought a limited edition set of rental rates for its BTL range of loans above £500,000.

For UK residents, the limited edition rental rates start from 2.89 per cent. For UK expats rates begin from 2.99 per cent and for international residents rates start from 3.39 per cent. This is a two-year fixed rate at 65 per cent finance to value (FTV).

This compares to rental rates in its current range which start from 3.39 per cent up to 4.29 per cent.

The limited editions are available on both two and five-year terms at 65 and 80 per cent FTV.

The reduction applies to purchases made by individuals and corporate entities, as well as houses in multiple occupation and multi-unit freehold blocks.

Gatehouse Bank also fixed the product fee at £5,000 for all customers and property types for finance between £500,000 to £5m.

John Mace, product manager at Gatehouse Bank, said: “We’re delighted to offer these limited edition rental rate reduction products for landlords in a period of rising rates.

“The property market remains incredibly busy and so we hope many BTL investors needing finance over £500,000 will be able to act quickly to make the most of these attractive rates and lower fees while they last.”

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