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Govt has confirmed ‘uninterest’ in homeownership improvement ‒ Star Letter 15/03/2024

  • 15/03/2024
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Govt has confirmed ‘uninterest’ in homeownership improvement ‒ Star Letter 15/03/2024
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This week’s first comments came in response to: The govt has confirmed its disinterest in improving homeownership – JLM

Zeno of Citium said: “With the current government knowing they are toast at the next election, with poll ratings of negative 20 per cent behind, and business donations now going to Labour, then it is a dead end in snuggling up to the housebuilders for their usual largesse (10 per cent of Tory donations came from such sources) and introducing measures to assist on housing, when they will not be in power to benefit from it.”

Stephen Riley added: “Presumably, the authors are aware of the distinction between ‘disinterest’ and ‘uninterest’? I’d argue that the government has confirmed the latter.”

James Burberry said: “Because we need a housing bubble with 99 per cent mortgages, right? Stamp duty exemption for down-sizers would be a good move, but who would get hit with a tax hike to balance things?”


Bridging vs offset mortgages

This week’s second comment comes from: Offset mortgages could ‘make world of difference to landlords’

John noted: “For advisers who advise clients on both mortgages and bridging finance, do you think advisers would want to advise offset instead of bridging? In the long run, advisers lose out financially. What benefits would you be giving to advisers?”


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