Stamp duty fraudster jailed after stealing £380,000

Stamp duty fraudster jailed after stealing £380,000


Manpreet Singh (formerly Munpreet Singh Virdee) of Orchard Avenue, Hounslow in West London filed 52 fraudulent Stamp Duty Land Tax returns between November 2010 and July 2015.

Singh, owner and director of Reemans Solicitors, stole £380,000 in stamp duty by submitting incorrect information to HMRC. By reducing the amount of tax due, but charging his clients the full correct amount, he was able to pocket the difference.

The 50-year old continued to submit false documents even after HMRC began investigating his tax affairs in an attempt to cover up his wrongdoing.

Linda Hamilton, deputy director, fraud investigation service at HMRC, said: “This was a deliberate and sustained attack on the tax system. Singh worked in a position of trust and thought it was acceptable to con his clients and steal taxpayers’ money which should be used to fund our vital public services.

“HMRC will continue to pursue the small minority, like Singh, who think fraud is an acceptable way to do business.”

Singh admitted cheating HMRC at Isleworth Crown Court on 6 July and was sentenced to three years and four months in prison.

He has repaid around £253,000 of the stolen stamp duty. Proceedings are ongoing to recover the remaining amount.