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Author reveals Fred Goodwin’s ‘obsession with filing cabinets’

by: IFAonline
  • 02/09/2013
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Author reveals Fred Goodwin’s ‘obsession with filing cabinets’
Fred Goodwin's 'details orientated' management style - which included introducing thousands of custom-made round-topped storage units to deal with his growing irritation over piles of paper - has been showcased in a new book.

The former boss of Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is also said to have insisted on control of the production of the group’s Christmas card as he did not like the design approved by another manager, the Telegraph reports.

Goodwin is also said to have personally selected the colours of the RBS executive car fleet so that it exactly matched the bank’s corporate blue. The report added the interiors of the 12 cars had to exactly match the same beige as the carpets in the RBS offices.

The details are found in author Iain Martin’s book Making it Happen: Fred Goodwin, RBS and the Men Who Blew Up the British Economy, which is being published next week.

“The former accountant seemed to have very little interest in the traditional components of a bank chief’s activities,” Martin writes. “He was obsessed with profit and growth; but questions of credit and risk and the basics that govern how much is lent and to whom, seemed to hold little appeal.”

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