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Planning to cope with a changing business

by: Sally Laker, managing director of Mortgage Intelligence
  • 27/04/2017
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Planning to cope with a changing business
Just as you think you are looking at business as usual you realise there is no such thing - and that change is exactly what business is all about.

Change is how we review and refresh what we do, and how we adapt to the marketplace and customer demand.

Part of that is bringing in new and young talent who have a fresh perspective and are more in tune with current consumer, lifestyle and work trends. They are perfect to question the status quo and ask: “Why do we do that?”

By picking your people well, you can ensure that the younger ones are able to work well with more established, experienced colleagues thereby bridging the gap and creating a spine of experience with a modern approach, as well as a new tier of up and coming talent.


More efficient

So often when you stop and look at why you do something, you realise there is a quicker and more effective way of doing it.

The key to moving forward and getting things done is to focus on the task ahead and ensure you have a team in place to deliver on that plan.

It doesn’t have to be a big team (it depends on the task) but you do need to bring the right skill set to the table. If you don’t, it is unlikely to succeed, and you can’t blame the team for that. You would need to question your own judgement.


Always have a plan

You also need to be confident that if the plan doesn’t work, you will be able to change it to one that does, ultimately opening up a new opportunity for the business.

This requires working through the detail and understanding exactly what you need to achieve and how you are going to achieve it.

In my view, experience also counts for a lot, so understanding your business is key, as that enables you to judge and balance the risks of any big decision on change. Over the next five years I am sure that we are going to see huge change, but we must expect that and be prepared – and always have a plan.

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