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Who I’m following on social media right now – Emma Hall

by: Emma Hall, head of sales, Goldsmith Williams Solicitors
  • 14/07/2017
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Who I’m following on social media right now – Emma Hall
One of my favourite things about social media is just how easy platforms like Twitter and Instagram make it to gain the insight of people you admire.

I also love a good stalk! Let’s be honest, who doesn’t? If you’ve bought a new sundress for your upcoming summer trip, I wouldn’t mind knowing about it. I also love hearing my favourite broker’s thoughts on the market or finding out what their teams are up to.

Balance is important in all things, even social.

Some of the Twitter accounts I love right now include:

Andrew Montlake, of Coreco, @montysblog

An obvious choice. There is a reason Andrew was named top Twitter mortgage introducer by Mortgage Solutions last month. The Coreco spokesman is like your own filtered news source for the mortgage market. If you don’t fancy following every newspaper, online blog and man and his dog tweeting 24/7 about property matters, save time by befriending Monty’s Blog.


Eddie Goldsmith, partner at Goldsmith Williams Solicitors, @eddiegoldsmith

Eddie is a true expert in the conveyancing field and has been one the biggest influencers on my own career personally, to date. Beyond that though, Eddie has a sharp wit, great sense of humour and general optimism about life that makes him a delight to follow on Twitter.


Maria Harris, director of retail mortgages at Atom Bank, @DM_MariaH

Maria recently won Banker of the Year at the Women in Finance Awards. Her colourful profile is always on trend and relevant. A breath of fresh air.


TM Group, Twitter @TM_Property

TM Group hosts the weekly #Convey100, a social media leaderboard of the UK’s most influential conveyancers, measured by Klout score (if you’re not sure what Klout refers to, do a Google search). The Convey100 is a great way to keep up-to-date with the latest industry insight and find bright, new faces to follow every Friday. And yes, I may have been mentioned just a few times *blushes*.


Roger Morris, sales director at Precise Mortgages, @Rogerr08Roger

Of course I follow the main accounts of all the intermediaries GW works with, but sometimes it’s nice to get that ‘on the ground’ feel with real staff updates. Roger has more than 8.5K followers and this is no doubt due to his on-the-ball approach to all this mortgage-related, as well as constant Precise company updates, and some nice personal posts too.


The Landlord Blogger, news and analysis for buy-to-letters, @LandlordBlogger

The buy-to-let sector is big business right now, but with complex changes to laws and regulations on the cards, it has never been more important to stay on top of news regarding the sector. This is a good source.


5/50, fitness challenge, @5x50challenge

My work days can be long, so exercise is my ‘me time’. The 5×50 challenge is a great motivator. Run Emma, run!


Cat in a flat, cat-sitting community, @catinaflat

I travel a lot, mostly for work as I move across the country meeting intermediaries, but also for leisure, of course. In my case, that means a trusted cat sitter is essential. Cute cat pics can also help get you through the work week when things get tough.

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