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How social media helped GWlegal to expand its reach

by: Emma Hall, head of sales at GWlegal
  • 03/01/2018
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How social media helped GWlegal to expand its reach
Wow – what a year 2017 was. At GWlegal, we rebranded, moved office and lined up a bunch of exciting new developments to be announced soon. A whirlwind, to say the least.

As such, I’d thought I’d use this month’s blog to review how social media has been key to each and every success the firm had as the months flew by.


The rebrand

While we began 2017 as Goldsmith Williams Solicitors, we enter 2018 as GWlegal.

We’re fortunate that our modern new brand (largely due to the fantastic work done by our in-house IT and marketing teams) has been very well received in the property field and larger legal sphere.

Social media was, without a doubt, crucial to that.

Plenty of forward-planning, a good variety of posts including image, video, text and content, and a schedule that complemented all other marketing efforts (e.g. physical materials sent to our partner organisations) was key to spreading the word about our new look. And this helped to ensure brokers and clients were well-informed and hence, just as excited about GWlegal as we were.

Another key point is that our rebrand campaign was, and is, not confined to a period of time. We will continue to push across social platforms as the years go by to maintain brand loyalty and grow our followership.

In a way, you could say that this is a campaign that never ends. I’m sure our marketing execs are just over the moon, hearing me say that.


The office move

As if a complete rebrand wasn’t enough, we also moved to a custom-built office space.

Social media enabled us to quickly and efficiently share details of the move – from the first artist impressions of the office to videos of staff moving in – as well as practicalities such as our new postal address, phone numbers and email addresses.

Many clients, for instance, chose to message us on Facebook to ask questions about the move. Given how quick it is for our social media executive to reply, this saved time and resources for everyone.



In May, we cracked open a bottle of bubbly as our partner Eddie Goldsmith won the Business Leader award, in the conveyancing category, at the 2017 British Specialist Lending Awards.

The awards recognised “the stand out achievements of the most deserving individuals in the specialist sector of the UK Mortgage industry”. Three cheers for Eddie.

Social media, particularly Twitter, enabled us to share updates from the awards ceremony, and announce Eddie’s win, in real-time.

Live social media updates are always a nifty way to gain followers and increase your engagement stats.


Deals and offers

As Christmas approached, my sales team geared up to launch our gift to introducers – we reintroduced our £250 and £500 cashback for remortgage.

We also launched a new sale and purchase deal, offering a combined legal fee of £800+VAT and distributions.

Twitter and LinkedIn, given their strong B2B usage, were invaluable in spreading the word.



OK I admit it – I am not the most festive person on the planet. I do, however, encourage my staff to be (a perk of being the boss).

GWlegal used the Christmas period to send personalised greetings to all those we work with throughout the year – Twitter being an important channel for this.

It also saw us launch our Solicitors Aren’t Scrooges campaign.

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