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Greater home working will bring flexibility to clients and brokers – Knight

by: Jeff Knight, director of marketing at Foundation Home Loans
  • 24/04/2020
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Greater home working will bring flexibility to clients and brokers – Knight
Many of my previous articles have centred around creating a fun and creative office environment.


However, as we’re all aware, our personal and working lives have had to change radically in light of the Covid-19 outbreak, with many companies asking their workers to work remotely where possible.

For those not accustomed to working away from the office, this may have come as a culture shock – especially for those with young families – and we are all having to evolve and adapt where we can.

The internet is full of working from home tips.

Even as I opened this word document to write this article, I was prompted to check out some helpful ‘Top tips for working more securely from home’ – and in fairness, they were pretty useful.

While we all have to support our colleagues from a technology and mental health perspective, it’s often the case that people have to find their own way in terms of how they juggle their personal and working lives, not to mention where and when they can be at their most productive.

Many people have really embraced the concept, others may struggle, but to keep the wheels of commerce in motion we all have to do our bit.


Becoming more sociable

From a personal perspective, I have worked from home since the lockdown and the thought of returning to an office environment on a full-time basis is becoming less and less appealing as each day progresses.

During the lockdown, I have had more productive conversations with people than ever, and by conversations, I mean picking up the phone or video calls to quickly catch up with people rather than lazily sending out emails or wasting time scheduling meetings.

In the world of social distancing, it seems like more of us are finding different ways to actually become more sociable and this is also the case when it comes to successfully managing colleague and client relationships.

I have been able to have regular contact with my team and colleagues very easily due to the available technology and I have found working from home (WFH) to be highly effective.

Maybe this is because everyone is in the same boat and it has certainly formed a ‘we’re in this together’ bond to make the most of, let’s face it, a frightening situation.

And, once we get through this, I believe there may be a shift in how companies operate, how people work and where they work, including the integration of more WFH days in the new future.


Client flexibility

I believe this additional flexibility, will also help the intermediary market.

Brokers often have to work into the evening to enable face-to-face meetings with their clients due to their work commitments.

However, perhaps if more people are utilising the WFH option, then this will offer brokers more flexibility in terms of dealing with clients during the day, while utilising the new communications world.

Brokers can liaise with a couple at the same time in different locations, so no more waiting for one partner to arrive, and files can be shared on the screen if required.

So, let’s continue exploring the WFH movement.

It’s more effective, it helps the environment and it will give brokers more flexibility to do their jobs, what’s not to like?



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