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Making commercial insurance your business – Uinsure

by: Jason Berry, director of sales, Uinsure
  • 28/04/2016
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Making commercial insurance your business – Uinsure
When I speak to brokers about commercial insurance and whether or not this plays a big part in their general insurance business the answer is more often than not a resounding no.

There are usually given two reasons for this. Firstly, brokers feel commercial insurance is just too complicated to understand and secondly, there is a feeling no demand exists among their client base for such products.

Commercial insurance can sometimes require quite bespoke solutions so yes, in some cases, it may be a little more complex than the broker feels comfortable with. However, a good provider will usually have a commercial referral service which will take the headache – and the responsibility and associated compliance – away from the broker.

It is the second point, surrounding a lack of demand, that always amazes me most. Every single business from one man bands to multi-national corporates needs some form of general insurance.

From professional indemnity and liability insurance to property insurance, it goes without saying that if you’re running a business you’re going to need cover of some kind. With a target market that wide it seems incomprehensible that there is no demand for these products. The problem, I presume, is that brokers don’t necessarily know where to look, or alternatively, who to trust with their valuable customer relationship.

Start with the simplest approach. If you have an office, consider the businesses based around you, the shops on your local high street, the offices in the same building as you. Talk to them. Let them know what services you offer and tell them to feel free to give you a call any time to discuss their needs.

Take a look at your local newspaper. See which firms are advertising, check the recruitment pages or the classifieds. Make a note of potential clients.

Visit the website of your local Chamber of Commerce. Its list of members should provide you with plenty of leads.

Talk to your existing client base. Many of your customers could have businesses that need protection but don’t expect the person who helped them with their home insurance to be able to meet their business needs. Let them know you offer commercial insurance. Even if they don’t have any requirement for it they may well know people who do.

Finally, select an established provider and meet their people. Seek recommendations and testimonials from other brokers who use the provider, then take the plunge and start generating new income.

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